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This classic film is one of my all-time favorites, and I could not resist sharing my perspective on it. I was inspired to write it after my meeting with Mickey Carroll, one of the Munchkin actors!
Written in story format. This is just a whimsical, fun, light hearted poem about Halloween; How one may view it.
~mosaic crimson desert glow~halo~Mister Mojo~errors of great men are venerable~more fruitful than truths of little men~ Nietzsche~I’m not your executioner~I’m not your devil & I’m not your god~I’m Charles Manson~her woods, her wilds, her mountains~Poe~
Mark and Shelby took a short trip to the next town to deliver a parcel. But on their way back, it starts to rain. In fact, it's a downpour. And their town was still miles away. But then spot a farm and decide, why not take shelter their until the rain stops? So, they walk through th...
We should know the purpose of our life on this earth. We should always think that it will end one day. We should live a life of charity.
A Review on a movie called The Wizard of Oz, a family classic that i've always loved since I was a little girl.
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