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I am a baby boy who has left heaven to come to the earth. Like others I chose my parents and family before leaving and I am accompanied here by my two angels who have promised that they will never leave me. I chatter away as I await my birth, then realize that I am about to be born.
A look at a least one theory as to how so many fights and wars get started.
I thought it would be interesting to try and get some feed back regarding the topic of sexual harassment, I truly wonder if the average man has any idea how it feels to be a woman in society today, having to face these kinds of situations in daily life.
I am lonely and scared about some one feeling lonely and scared
When a family outing to a local Game Reserve becomes a race for survival, out-smarting a 12ft raging bull elephant.
This pom relates about the nature of lizards as being aloof and lonesome-looking.Their eyes bear meaning.Try to look at your lizard.
The role that noise has on human fear and what human nature does to compensate for that fear.
My fiance is detoxing from alcohol and these are my thoughts about day 3.
With the change in time and responsibilties will it be the same?? This one for someone really close to my heart.. A question.. A confusions.. Of my heart...!! Are the things gona be same forever as they are??
It is interesting the different types of reactions that people do when they encounter a disabled person. To the disabled person the reaction can be either amusing or annoying.
The scariest things in life are not the things you can't see, but the things that you CAN.
Many folk nowadays are too scared to say boo to a mouse...after all Big Brother is watching all around it many ways this can be a wise thing to do for the repucussions can be horrendous...but i still dare to shake my fist....
Remembering those in-between years when one is not sure if he/she wants to be an adult or remain a child.
The freezer was full of rotting, spoiled meat in the middle of bear country. Knowing it was a dangerous scenario, I cried out to God for help...and God helped me do the impossible.
The Invisible Man reflects on his past thinks so lovingly of his dearest friend. A tiny girl who had the courage and strength to help him many years ago.
Christmas is the holiday season of the visit of Santa Claus. This year, just 10 days before this great festival of Christmas, Sandy Hook School in Connecticut State is immersed in the innocent blood of 20 children and their 6 teachers.
About a brave foot soldier that lived for years in the trenches during the great war, he was a man of courage a man who cared.
A very depressing poem about a man staring into a log fire, his weaknesses and his memories give him a hard time.
Every scar is a memory living, breathing in every remembrance, living each time you look at it
Short poem of a mental breakdown. I've experienced many and feel the need to get my feelings out.
Some quests end in unexpected manners. My quest for finding my Alter Ego --- was a journey i shall always remember...
a short poem which describes the impact that loneliness can have on us
The feelings of an unborn child for his mother remain constant no matter but he starts feeling guilty.
Today's article is based on a true story which is not only terrifying but scary also and once read i am sure you will never forget this incident............
This is a short personal story about a school dance on a field trip and how I got a special treatment from a teacher. SOME DETAILS ARE EXAGGERATED. NOTHING ILLEGAL HAPPENED. Its truth with a little fantasy mixed in with it.
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