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If you have a scar from a childhood accident, maybe a burn or an acne scar left over from the turbulent teen years. This oil will help those. It is so good it helps get rid of stretch marks.
We have scars on us which is the fingernails of the past. It might not be that of love. Perhaps a painful past but if you are lucky enough to be without scars of the painful past then do not judge another person's scars because you do not how they were made.
Sometimes we tend to overlook that pain came in different forms. Perfectly fine on the outside but fragile and rotten on the inside
Most of us have scars, visible and invisible scars, marks which have been left either on our physical and/or emotional parts. Each scar has its own story and history, no matter how small, healed or still sore, our scars have something to say about us.
Laser Skin Resurfacing is a cosmetic treatment that helps to erase blotches, scars, wrinkles or lines. Before starting this treatment the very first thing to do is to consult a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon and find out if Laser Skin Resurfacing will work for your skin. Follow al...
Felt the pain of a broken heart the scars on it Seen by eyes not by heart Feel it
If you have scars,inflamed skin and face aging well its time to get that facelift
For youth and adolescents who have pimples this it still a huge problem in everyday life. This explains why they are trying to do everything to get rid of scars,especially with various products. There are actually various solutions to remove these buttons,yes, they can disappear and e...
Wounds, both physical and unseen, follow the soldier throughout the rest of their lives! These are very real wounds which are hard to heal, and quite hard to deal with!
Dealing with spots is not just a teen problem. Acne can develop at any age and cause much pain and embarrassment. Keeping a clear complexion and reducing the appearance of blemishes is difficult when you don't know what to use. However some key ingredients may be all you need to help ...
Misguided lonely child who feels unloved and unwanted - puts gun to chin - and pulls the trigger.
Two facts stand out about my experience with open heart quadruple bypass surgery: It is incredibly invasive and painful; and those who care for you are overworked by institutional design
Looking at scars and see the stories behind them. Discover the beauty contained within.
A Poem that I have had on my mind for a little while. Comments are open.
Sometimes the trauma we receive is hidden, deep inside of us, and others can’t understand or help in its outcome!
This is a story and poem depicting a mother's love against a fierce alligator .
Surface scars (superficial) are usually found on the upper layer of the skin, known as the epidermis.The other types are the post-pimple scars or spots. They appear when pimples are squeezed due to damage of the living tissue. Keloids, the most severe group of scars form when the skin...
Every scar is a memory living, breathing in every remembrance, living each time you look at it
A scar can be defined as a pinkish or brownish patch which is seen in place of a wound or sore. Scars are, in fact, the natural way a skin repairs itself after it is torn by a wound or a medical surgery. They are fibrous tissues which are formed and replace the original skin tissues...
As a student pediatrician, you need to know these basic procedures for proper examination and diagnosis of related diseases. Mothers and as well parents in general are not limited to this knowledge as it is very educative for them to apply some or all of these procedures even at home....
Been trying and trying to cure my acne and I finally found the cure! Using mother nature natural resources, no expensive creams, lotions, or prescribed medicines. Learn how I did it.
~the long-haired prisoner~shaved off all his body hair~explained to me on my first & last visit~there’s a war inside~a man can’t have nothin’ anybody can get hold of~8 & ½ years in the hole~incorrigible~he cut off more than his hair~
~ elders & children ~ learning to know one another ~ that they are the same ~ so the stream of life finds them ~ that one may save the other ~ confirmation ~ the way they are made ~ to share ~ show the way ~ to here & gone ~
~beautiful friend~the end~Morrison ~species of fat green snake came here to die when it grew old~Nietzsche~if you're alone~I'll be your shadow~if you want to cry~I'll be your shoulder~Manson~dearer to my soul than its soul-life~Poe~
~Larimer Street in Denver~it’s the place to be for the in-crowd, sports junkies, girls on the make~the haves pushed the don’t haves out years ago~it used to be skid-row~I liked it better then~spilled some blood there~not all of it my own~
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