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There's a sweet old lady who lives across the street. All the kids love her but the parents are all kind of weary of her. Who is this Lady Erin?
I recently Published my 100th Page on Wikinut. But as new articles are published, the old articles keep getting lost into oblivion. This is second article on my series to bring back my old articles.
I have experienced and seen many many things in my short life, and put them to paper in the form of poetry, to inspire people and to provoke thought.. Read, learn, and enjoy
Mona Lisa - A Painting associated with eternal beauty and its smile has puzzled everyone. Can The mystery behind a beautiful portrait be so scary and dark as to scare you to Death. Read this horror story but at your Own Risk
An in depth look into our father's haunted house as we fled for our lives.
This article describes how I came to be interested in writing so much. I'll just tell you, a few years ago, I had almost promised myself I would never become a writer. I was so wrong! Thank God!
Jangasta's reign seems to be thundering down on his new victims, Miranda and her boyfriend, Jack and with no end in sight. His horrific tricks of doom catches the duo off-guard all the time. However, when Miranda suddenly finds herself in what seems like another dimension, she knew th...
Miranda and Jack spot Jangasta hanging from the tree branch while on a trip. But seeing the carnage Janasta had unleashed upon the previous family, will the duo be able to resist Jangasta's fury?
After chasing away the last family, Jangasta seeks a new apprentice. So when two teens show up for a stroll, Jangasta sees his chance.
Jack Trim got another chance to visit Kayeek again after his parents got called off to another business meeting in New York. The issue concerning the graveyard has been bothering him ever since he heard that no movie was being filmed there as he was told by Aunt Matilda. Now, Jack ret...
A great battle is at hand! The whole town of Kayeek is now aware of the enormous conflict that originated from the cemetery. But the probably with zombies is that they're dead. And once they're dead, they cannot die again.
Micheal and Eleen Drake are visiting their grandparents in the quiet town of Kayeek, the same town where Jack claimed he experienced zombies in a graveyard. Jack was reassured that it was just a movie scene and the graveyard was just a prop but later on, he finds out from the undertak...
Melanie, her brother Dave and her parents have encoutered some strange things during their camping trip in Shakrol Forest. A monkey comes up to them and writes some mysterious words in the dirt. Then Dave and Melanie find a hanging skeleton on a tall branch in the forest. But when th...
One dark night, Pam was being chased by a vicious German Shepherd. The dog cornered Pam in an alley and pinned her down. But Pam grabbed it's neck and twisted it, ending its life. Pam thought that everything was cool until she hears the howling and growling. She takes it lightly unt...
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