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Think back to your young days at school. I can remember everyone in my class and everyone in that class had his or her own personality. I can never remember who had the best clothes or the best shoes, or if their families had cars or not. All I remember were thirty two little peopl...
Compared to when I was a kid, society challenges us in ways we never could have imagined. With the current trends, what is to become of us?
This article looks at the private school system in Nigeria and how it affects education in the secondary school level of education in the country.
A mixed infant is not a confused child, or anything to do with race creed or colour, a mixed infant is a school for children both girls and boys between the ages of four and seven years It is a sort of beginners school before the real school starts and has been in use ever since educ...
In the last month I was join in a good one day seminar program held by the community student of education Innovative Care, Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia and its cooperation’s with the Minister of Education and culture Republic of Indonesia and the UNESCO Representative Team...
School books plays a big role in bank exam preparation and for competitive exam preparation. School Books makes the base strong which helps us in solving bank exam questions.
Since leaving school, social activities of each person becomes narrowly and miss. Please do what you like when you were at school
Schools are places where our children should go to learn, meet friends and feeling safe at the same time. Some students have problems which are beyond regular schooling and thus psychological intervention is needed in all schools.
This has been on my mind for quite some now. I know that everybody does this, but I wonder how deeply they think about it,
Healthy Bodies promote Healthy Minds. We are the sum of many parts. Each part has to be taken care of in order for the "whole" to function optimally.
Oh, this ghastly wind is just blowing leaves everywhere, isn't it just? You might just get a bunch of leaves from the trees landing all naturally, driven by the wind, into your food. But how natural is that? I'm not going to answer that.
As another school year begins in the US, a retired inner-city teacher's exasperated reflection on his kids and how to reach them.
Many young children are affected by the fact that they have one or more parents in prison. The numbers are high, and rising way too fast. Here are some facts we all should be aware of.
Words are powerful and they can hurt to the extent where a child could end his life..
Most people will agree that the quality of the education provided in modern schools. There is much said about the sate of school standards, but are the standards declining or improving? This is a serious question, and one that requires much political will in order to resolve.
Have you ever felt the complication of being in a situation of not being able to have the same feelings as the other person. Just a few thoughts on some perks. Something we all can relate to
Often, parents enroll their child in an activity to discover that he may not be the prodigy they thought he would be. This is the time to let go. Your child may not become the next wonder-kid. But, let him cultivate an interest that he enjoys. Remember, happiness and fulfillment are a...
An introduction to having red hair, the gene and bullying.
Here are a few tips that will help address the issue of increased gun violence and school shootings in our country!
This article gives the importance of school education as well as deal with home schooling concept.
Honestly saying......What good does school even bring for students in preparation for their future?
This article is about school system and their fee collecting method
Each individual student has his or her own learning style and most parents in America would agree that the arts and sports are crucial components to a high quality education.
This page is about falling in love and infatuations during school days which is not good for our future.
This article is about school uniform. Schools must avoid the forcing activities...
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