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Extremely powerful corrupt narrow minded officials who remain anonymous and are not accountable are responsible for intolerance in India
It starts happening sometime around our late-20s. All those bumps and bruises we accrued during our teenage years, though healed on the outside, start to appear in the form of random pains in our joints, or our backs — we just can’t move around like we used to. Some women start to...
This page is about the life story of the great leader in India. It describes the journey of former president of India. This page also motivates youth by the inspirational words of the great Dr APJ Kalam Sir.
Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.
I get a puppy and decide to call him Charlie. I also discover that I have a great-grandmother that I've never met.
The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder.
This is an update of the news item present in the online papers today. It concerns the hardware and software developments in your underwear so do not move an inch without reading all about it first. There is every chance that there could be explosions all over the place…and some spa...
Science has developed to a large extent, but still it is not able to find out answers to some of the possible things in life which is really weird
How many computers are required to recognize a cat? The answer is one thousand core computers with 16,000 processors (cores).
Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, making Japanese scientists concluded that Japan or the "SAKURA" homeland country as world wide known that is going to disappear in the next of XXII century.
When it comes to supernatural activity, you either believe in ghosts or you don't. People who have experienced an encounter with a ghost refuse to admit it simply because they do not want to be ridiculed.
Have you ever talked to a rose or plants ? Does a rose listen ? Plants generally and obviously don't have ears but they react to sound. Some people think so.
The lead in cigarettes is radioactive. It has a “half-life” of 20 years. This means it continues to be radioactive for a long time. So, if you stop smoking, the risk of cancer continues. On the facing page, there is a photograph of cancer cells.
Astronomers has been found radio signals emitted about 11 billion light years away from the Earth but not assure the exact location of where the astrophysical occurrence are from.
My coach Bob and myself were on a plane going to Rio. To pass the time I told him how to make a Galvanoscope.
How do we tell when it is hot or cold, we could use crickets, but I like to use a thermometer.
There are many scientists who have contributed to the world of science. The most well-known scientists include Einstein, Aristotle, and Isaac Newton; however, there are also others that are not so popular that have also discovered much in the way of science. This article will talk abo...
Steve Kinsman wrote a Wikinut page titled, "Teaching Creationism in our Public Schools" (please see the link at the end) and there are many views expressed by other writers and readers in connection with the content in that page. I wrote this page to express my views.
Captain Melix is an engineer with a vast array of knowledge on technical matters of space flight and know-how of engine design criteria including the core which make the ships sail in the skies, of which diagram we have been given. He is a highly valued member of our team. - Uthrania ...
Recently, photos went up with a spider having large wings, granting it the capability to fly. This caused a brief period of terror, affecting those with arachnophobia.
The article mainly discusses the much controversial and discussed episode of the life of the famous scientist Charles Darwin who propounded the Theory of Evolution. The controversy mainly arose when a woman named “Lady of Hope” claimed that she was at the deathbed of Darwin where ...
Paying homage to five women who have contributed to our world in no small measure.
The moon is a blessing to the earth dwellers. Is its smile a façade?
This article shows my personal experience in a school.
Science has played a pivotal role in bringing our society to the current state. An issue on which our future depends.
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