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Scientists at Oxford to significant discovery about the cause of the absence of life on Mars, despite the presence of water in the CRUST of the planet surface.
Scientists from the University of Southern California, the United States, claim to have found an effective way to combat diabetes.
Shacks sea sponges were the most resistant animals in the world - they have gone through all the major mass extinctions of flora and fauna, and served as the main "restorers" destroyed the planet's ecosystems, according to a paper published in the journal Current Biology.
British Geophysics, representing the University of Reading, said that the year 2050 will have to approach the minimum of solar activity. According to scientists, this phenomenon is dangerous for electronic equipment in the world, and for the inhabitants of the planet.
DO you know who started the environmental movement? Has this movement tasted? Have you ever thought about whether pesticides are healthy for us or not?
Hapgood asserted that people, or more precisely, intelligent Geographers and Navigators had charted the New World many centuries before Christopher Columbus. His most controversial claim is that of the mapping of the Antarctic mainland, 6000 years before it was first sighted in 1820.
This page is about the life story of the great leader in India. It describes the journey of former president of India. This page also motivates youth by the inspirational words of the great Dr APJ Kalam Sir.
Ants are generally considered lowly insects, but with advances in technology they can be converted into superheroes.
The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder.
The use of machines to diagnose illnesses stays at 20% of success. Where as, a well trained dog will detect an illness at 90% of certain results. Why then don't they use dogs instead of machines?
The latest installment of the factual account of Creation will, admittedly, not be easy to comprehend and digest, given the novelty and complexity of the concepts involved in describing the process. It is not unlike Galileo's discovery, much to the outrage of the church, that the Eart...
Procreation is a means of maintenance and survival of the human species--all duality in cellular structure as found interlinked throughout the universes. Although the most ultimate of human expression of love, procreation has been debased to the level that it is now: Sex as frowned up...
In man, there are 7 known chakras that are centers of spiritual power in the body which gird the soul to the body. In the Universe there are also chakras that link all planets like a cord, consistent with Union and Oneness of the Universal Whole. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
You've most likely caught wind of pens with conductive ink, that permit clients to draw circuits onto materials, for example, paper. Presently, scientists at the University of California, San Diego have gone a stage or two more distant – they've made "bio-inks" that could be utilize...
It's all about that--taste? Not so in the case of our flightless friends the penguins!These incredibly fascinating creatures march to the beat of their own drum. Birds in general often don't have much in the way of taste receptors, so savoring a seafood platter is not on the menu for ...
In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a step-by-step for calculation. The algorithm used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. The algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite sequence of instructions that have been defined to compute a fu...
Schools may appear all the same, but are they? are you depriving your children success in the future. You may, if you believe that all school are run uniformly.
How many computers are required to recognize a cat? The answer is one thousand core computers with 16,000 processors (cores).
While they are many others who want to wallop the other religions, Buddhism encourages other religions to exist.
This article shares you about the launching of NASA's aircraft named NASA's New Horizon to planet Pluto by January 2015.
Surrounded by numerous volcanoes, making Japanese scientists concluded that Japan or the "SAKURA" homeland country as world wide known that is going to disappear in the next of XXII century.
Toshiba has recently succeeded in creating innovative robots that are able to communicate with people through the language of gestures. Name a human-shaped robot that is "Aiko Chihira".
LED lights or stands for "LIGHT EMITTING DIODE" is an indicator light in electronic devices usually have a function to indicate the status of the electronic device. For example, on a computer, there is a power LED and LED indicators for the processor, or the monitors are also power L...
Knowing what the future has in store for us is amazing. This short write may give us a peek to what the future generation will experience that we holding on to this lifetime will never have a chance to see..
Some thoughts on the many Predictions of when the world will end.
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