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Scooters run tidy as well as sound. In the majority of designs, the motor is concealed in a shell that avoids oil mess on the cyclist's pants. These cowl covered motors considerably lower audio contamination.
History of the modern scooter is in reality a history of the Vespa. The original design is modified and Honda, Bajaj and Suzuki among others have launched varied models. Piaggio have brought out the 4 stroke engine scooter and the future of the scooter appears bright.
With many more women driving, the market is shifting towards gearless and light scooters that are easier to handle.
This articles has safety tips for scooter riders. In this article you will learn more about how to ride your scooter safely on the road.
You always has to remember that everyday is a new day, and it sure was for us today. Yesterday was a very bad day for us and our poor dog Daisy.
Just my knowledge and a little help from the madd gear website about scooters, enjoy :D
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