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Single malt scotch whiskey is the last word in fine whiskey and now Amrut industries have manufactured one in India and it is adelight
The life and times of one of histories long forgotten knights in the period known as the Dark Ages
Highlighting the dishonesty, bullying and fraud within a public sector department. A social housing association employee who manipulated her role within this public sector department to defraud tenants.. and how her so called 'superiors' flushed the issue away through their alleged co...
European islands have their little secrets and a visit to each of them will leave you with a thing or two to awe you. I have seen some of the most famous of them and can only say they will leave you speachless.
I know it's a while since we denied ourself the freedom to govern our own land, but here's a short article where I voice my opinions on what could have been...
Formerly indigenous to Scotland, the wolf and the European lynx long departed the Scottish Highlands. But at a symposium in Edinburgh last week, a leading writer and an acclaimed conservationist made a forceful case for their return.
The Scottish Referendum roller coaster that has taken the people of Scotland on a political journey of high's and lows has finally ground to a halt...and boy we are glad to get off!!. Sadly the division of opinion has led to overheated emotions..resulting in dispute amongst some of ou...
EDINBURGH: Scotland rejected independence on Friday in a referendum that left the centuries-old United Kingdom intact but paved the way for a major transfer of powers away from London.
The world watched and Scotland decided. There will be many who will be surprised by the result of the Scottish Independence referendum, yet the truth is Scotland has spoken and they have done so with the world watching on.
The mysterious Loch Ness Monster showed a bit a few days ago, but this time 150 miles from the place which is considered his home.
It is no secret that Pittsburgh is one of the most haunted cities in the United States, especially when you look at Pennsylvania's colorful past of wars, catastrophes, political figures and various industries that built the steel city into the economical powerhouse that it is today. T...
A bit of good old Irish banter, inspired by, and dedicated to wikinut author and friend Fern McCostigan...please come on in and join us for an Irish knees up.
This is about Robert Bruce who became King of Scotland against all the infamies that the english King, Edward 1, threw at him. Through perseverance and the story of the spider and its web we glean that he kept focussed on what was right for him and his country. A most admirable ma...
Photography and how I started to take photos and promote them online so that people can see and buy my work.
Scottish History records the tragic happenings that unfolded at Glencoe on 13th February 1962. The Clan MacDonald, in having extended their warm hospitality by sheltering 'travelers' on that fatal winter's night, soon fell prey to the callously plotted King's ransom that was to be the...
One of the beautiful press trips I took was to Edinburgh an ancient and historical town. So much to see and enjoy and if you are a history buff like me you will want to wander the old wynds set back from the main thoroughfare. the nobles had their town houses there hidden behind wal...
Any of you will most probably disagree on my views on the so called cravings for independence either in Catalunya and in Scotland, but you´re welcome to have your say, which if in politeness I will accept.
Another year is drawing to a close..and a new year is on the horizon. Join me for a Scottish New Year Celebration
Most times, arranged marriages never have a happily ever after, so on her wedding day Charlotte prays and vows to be the best wife to her Scottish Earl but alas.... he disappears after right their wedding night with her very hefty dowry.
A police helicopter crashed into the pub which was packed with visitors on the edge of the River Clyde in Glasgow.
Glasgow, Scotland, will Host The Commonwealth Games In July 2014. It is both a great honour for Scotland, and of immense benefit to the growth and economy of the City Of Glasgow itself. Read on to find out more...
On this page you will find my poems that range from the mundane to the deeply spiritual and profound.
A guide to some of the best family fun attractions to visit in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A list of 101 great attractions that Scotland has to offer tourists.
A guide to some of the best reasons that tourists should choose the United Kingdom as a vacation destination.
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