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At first my passion in life was to become a film director. But, destiny has made me to go for writing Reports, Criticisms on literature, movies, scripts, poems, stories and anything to which I get hooked up This series of write-ups, starting with the initial planning for a short film...
Converting your blog into a short film isn't too difficult. 5 steps to achieve the same are mentioned here.
imacros can make your daily internet task easy! because its going to work by itself. i have provided the latest working script to automatically unfollow whoever you are following on facebook the script is working on the new facebook interface
There is amazement in what simple little words do in the journey of the day in relaying the vivid realities that cause one to seek the learning ways.
You may have the talent to write great scripts, great stories and ideas that can shake the word, but you still need the needed connection to sell such ideas. How then can you get that connection or rather work your way to the top where you actually deserve to be? Find out some steps y...
Telemarketing is fun when you have the right attitude, respect your respondent, speak clearly and slowly, deliver a good script, and regardless of the response you get - keep picking up the phone.
'Koi Mil Gaya' released in 2003, was a super hit Hindi movie of its time because of the much publicized character 'Jadoo' an alien and the trick photography. This movie is a typical Hindi masala movie with abundant amount of emotions, fights, songs and comedy incorporated in it!
What ever we do is based on some decisions which we take. It is important to realize its consequences.
how to write a great script by learning the essentials
This post is all about add on for firefox which improves security of the browser and gives you control of what is going on when you visit a web page.
The brevity of our lives, combined with our impulsive nature, can make it difficult to see much farther then what is right before us.
A few brief tips on gaining agent representation for your script or adaptation.
With among other things - that should be included too in this early days of the calender year, is reflection of the past year of 2010; forget about the new year's resolution - it will do nothing good when it's crafted without clear purpose, but only of heart in mere wishful thinking.
A scene based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This was during the part after the Capulet ball when Romeo is recognized by Tybalt, but his uncle tells him to stand down.
We are born to experience life in every possible way from our own vantage point! None will cheated out of the various circumstances delegated. Relationships are part of the story. So are heartbreak, fulfillment, disappointment, joy and countless other emotional roller coaster rides....
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