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A friend copied a logo and came just to teach me poetry of a different kindThen he vanished this is just a tribute to him Yet unknown ...
She lives in the hearts of mankind a distant fantasy she is but why how to solve this mystery some one tell me why
We all are people who are searching for different things in life. Some are searching for something new or something old or someone. The search however is great.
Everybody uses Google. Probably the only search engine to have inspired verbs like ‘googled’ (when you scour the Net for stuff on that handsome boy you once met) or ‘Google whacking’ where you tempt Google with unique entries that return only one result. But your quest for kno...
We all talk about search engines, key words and how important it is to have a website that contains good keywords. Here I will try and explain exactly what search engines are and what they do.
this is a prayer of hope, a prayer that gives us the courage to stand and fight..
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