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Fathom sphere spills out over the ocean, swirling winds, and storm reform where the modern cruise ship plunder the waters under camouflage veil, luxurious cruise liners Sail amidst the straights and blustery gale.
What WERE some of the creatures of the air, sea, fresh waters, mountain ranges, prairie grasslands, and were they indeed of a carnivorous nature? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Now, how could so many diverse species of what you call “animals” be brought to this new world from so many other worlds? How did our forefathers and foremothers do it? OR were they already here? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
The end of the world has often been foretold...after all Atlantis sank due to the wickedness of man...Noah had his heyday then although that tale an allegory may as I often say gird up your loins and practice spirituality....
Ideas are thought in dreams and awake, but you take them wherever they are and wherever they lead you!
This a list of things we can do now to save our oceans from the downhill spiral it is currently going through. If we don't take heed now and try to fix these problems then we will have destroyed our means of survival for future generations. Not a pretty picture!
How often a country get blame based on the activities and reputation of its populace
A Story Poem: A Ship and Her crew lost in the cold and dawning of the night. Their eternal frozen stand off with the King of the Sea for their trespasses.
Yes the recession will be like an uncharted ocean, however we have to take the journey.
Thoughts and questions on the universe and our oceans.
Beach to beaches, sea to seas. What are these beaches worth if you’re not visiting thee?
Getting up at dawn. I was on an island.I wanted to witness the gloriousness of dawn. The sun, its colours, its magic.The sunrise.
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