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This article about my first connection with God. I was 9 years old.
The Chinese have to face racists in almost every country. In some of them, licenses for business have been limited to less than 10% because the thugs want their race to own more than 90% in any field.
The pleasure of revisiting your former favourite places.
A foggy May morning comes in pastel softness to the seashore.
OTEC, ocean thermal energy conversion plants utilize the heat from the ocean to generate electrical power and provide a host of other benefits as by-products. The potential locations, whether land-based, off-shore or floating, all present engineering challenges but the power generatio...
The cry of a Seagull, always takes me back to my childhood on the Coast... Seaweed, and the crunch of pebbles on a shingle shoreline...Boats in coloured array, beached, after a long days fishing...
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