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Many of my poems are about nature. Here are three poems that I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them!
Time is filled with swift transition, and we really don't have much time left here on earth to make our wrongs right and our crocked paths straight, for time waits for no one.
This article is based on my own observation. I request the reader to please give opinion and comment.
This is all about snow and how you can use it. The snow is very cold.
A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
An old years reminisces as it waits for the Baby New Year to arrive! Happy New Year!
Here I have two little poems about sound and feeling, about the color of wind and the feel of night, about the way the seasons change and the ways we change. These are poems about life and love and all the things in between.
Monsoon is the wind that changes direction with the direction of seasons. The monsoon prevails mainly in the Indian Ocean. The summer monsoon blows from ocean to land. The winter monsoon blows from land to ocean. The summer monsoon causes heavy rainfall in Southeast Asia. It is called...
Ole man in the sea This is a unique attempt at composing poetry at the level of two genre Hope it meets with your level
How the earth was formed from the scientific point of view. Do you know what is smaller than atom?
Pull up an Adirondack chair and from the back of my woodland garden count with me the sunrises and then finally the wonder of a season's change ...springtime is finally here!
Seasonal changes in one's life..Its a fact of life we all change lives as seasons do too
The seasons constantly change so when Spring arrives Winter sadly must take his leave.
This following poem describes the anticipation of a time to come.
March is finally here and with it our hopes look toward Spring. Yet here in Maine the extreme cold of this year's winter still has its mighty hold...
In the winter of life unanswered question grow uncomfortable... even unacceptable.Yet it is our nature to seek comfort in our surroundings and find solace in the simplicity of the soul's yearnings...
Everyone of us that live in countries that have the four seasons are lucky to watch them come in their magic splendour.
Christmas is nearly upon us, time for me to wish all my Wikinut friends peace, brotherhood and joy...
This piece is an perfect example of the peace, beauty and enjoyment you can experience in South Florida's most remote and pristine areas. And also how "You just never know what might just happen!!! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
A Poem highlighting four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
The poem is on the season of spring and its contributions - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Winter..ruthless relentless, but so very beautiful in the eye of the beholder. Winter's isolation, a lonely season for some, a playground for children, and the artist's dream....portraying all her magnificent splendor...
With October comes a longing to return home, and once again be warmed by the subliminal hearth...
Two short poems from a while back that I found on my phone.
The swift change of seasons recalls the speed at which life flies by us
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