Pages tagged with Seclusion

In the sanctuary of God answers are found, when we search for solutions in prayer, the concerns you have are real, making life difficult sometimes, and they are joined together in groupings of priority.
Do you want to adopt a different lifestyle? Do you want to try to live differently from the others? Do you follow the crowd or have rules on your own?
All of us are writing something or other. But ever wonder where does this creativity comes from. Collaborating and connecting with others is a beautiful thing, but in the end, Creation is done in solitude. Solitude is indeed, the Heart of Creative Writing.
An attempt to understand the work of Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossein's 'Motichur'. I would like to show objections to womanhood in crisis in male dominated societies to which she answers very subtly in her collection of essays.
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