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Ah! My second twins... Many guys and gals want love ...I give them my poetic love you... may also celebrate my second twins if you wish to!
Love is a contradiction. How soon we spoil anything wholesome.
After a disappointing qualifying session, which saw him in 9th place, how would Lewis Hamilton fare in the Austrian Grand Prix?. Read on to find out more
Sometimes in life we are given second chances and we should take them when we can.
Because it's too sad, it's too ... too lifeless, nothing. There's nothing left, you should take it all over again, but it's an understatement to end, because they know that's no beginning, nor end. It's boundless.
Have you ever wished, and hoped, and prayed, that you could go back and start over in anything? Work, play, or love?
This article is about using second hand books we will get a lot of benefits from it
The inspiration for this leads to my own experiences with the struggle of overthinking anything and inability to focus. Alexithymia and ADD, would be the core words to describe it.
Scenarios like this happen regularly as judges misspeak on the meaning of the Constitution.
This article is about what happens in just a second. Also about what a leap second is.
News about the second revolution in Romania. The first was in 1989 and ended with the death of the president (dictator) at that time. What will happen today?
Brest milk is the second blessings to the child from the mother, the first one is giving birth to the child
April PAD Challenge Day 21- Second thoughts poem. No Need For Second Thoughts.
The Lincoln-Douglas type of debate (also called as the two men debate) is a kind of debate where there is only one speaker in the side of the affirmative as well as in the side of the negative. The speaker in the affirmative side opens the debate then followed by the negative speech.
Childhood memories are always sweet. I wrote this poem in memory of my teacher Mohammed Hussain who was very kind but very strict so that the children could learn with confidence and discipline. My teacher was an ordinary down-to-earth person who lived in a hut. The teaching would ...
Many Bible teachers have made guesses as to when the Rapture and Second Coming will occur. They have all been incorrect. The Bible declares, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father" (Matthew 24:36). The Bible describes seve...
The second coming of our Lord will mark a contrast in the turning point of time, faith on earth will have gone through a time of severe testing, and only those who endure to the end shall be save.
This is a Step by Step guide on how to earn cash using!
Finally East Germany decided to build a wall to prevent the people from crossing the border The Berlin wall goes up. In the past midnight on the night of August 12-13, 1961, the Berlin wall was erected quickly
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