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The young child Octavian whom changes his name to Ranulf becomes Supreme Pontiff of the Empire of Rome at Alexandria in the mid 2600’s. The Librarians who teach and tutor him, after twenty some years on the throne Ranulf starts to think back on his life. He reminisced about his mo...
Why does anyone choose to write in their diary? For me it helps me to write every day, it is the friend that keeps all of my secrets, it is the friend that never judges me and it is the friend that truly accepts me just as I am, no matter how shockingly honest that I am.
Taste towards colors has close association with characters. Colors can also change your moods. The color you apply on your nail reveals many things about you.
A number of US scientists found that the brain has millions of specialized cells to distinguish the five tastes salty, bitter, sour, sweet and savory.
How do Korean artists keep their beauty? It is so simple.
Upon entering the Plumer Street home most people say that you cannot deny an unexplained chill that embodies your very being right down to the bone. The home is the oldest two-story home on the street, known for a number of mysterious deaths, secrets, and tortured sprits that appear t...
Everybody has secrets, some big, some small and these secrets can surface at any inappropriate time.
This poem is about is about our secrets, we keep hidden deep inside us. We fear of our secrets getting exposed and of being rejected.
Paradise Fallen - by Simon Jaysek (2013) – Mystery /Adult Romance Novella - 94 pages Paradise Fallen is an exploration of secrets. The community of Paradise Falls is not unlike any small rural town; however, everyone in town has their own dirty secret to protect. Greg is no differen...
Living a double life hoping no one find out about it.
From a tender age Emma wanted to love and be loved, when she's three years old, her drug addicted mother finally shows Emma love, by selling her off to the highest bidder.
Kevin has been getting all his stuff ready to go to high school. He now needs a white shirt. Mother suggested he goes to have a look in the basement at all Father and Kevin's brother's old shirts; perhaps he'll find something there and they won't have to go buy new shirts. Buying new...
“I think people would be happier if they admitted things more often. In a sense we are all prisoners of some memory, or fear, or disappointment - we are all defined by something we can’t change.” ― Simon Van Booy, The Illusion of Separateness
As always, Captain Jennifer Higgins, in a forthright manner, lets the cat out of the bag about the powerful elites' true intentions since the very beginning and one truly discerning can read between the lines. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Have you ever felt the urge to express your thoughts,yet not let anyone know. Secrets, feelings of love, hurt, anger or despair; feelings too strong to keep inside, yet too risky to let anyone know. Many of us choose to write down all these in their secret diaries. But, is having secr...
Fairy tales repeat through time a message all have they..for us to read between the lines and find the secrets hidden can too if you will....for therein lies the magic
Keys to living a better healthier life with your computer, and keys to secure your online tracks.
What ever became of old-fashioned values? This article takes a good look at this question. It considers how one slip can ruin a reputation.
This page is about keeping Secrets in Relationship which is not a good thing.
Basically, just about how it is when one shares a room with her sister.
Things to remember in a relationship to make it last longer.Love is not enough to keep two individuals together for a long time,there are other essential ingredients for a successful relationship.This article talks about all those elements.A must read for anybody who is in a relations...
A woman joins the secret service is the phobia she lives through real?
Isha Sharvani maintains her weight 50 kgs since 10, the secrets behind it?
This page is about Money Secrets between couples which must be avoided.
Want to be an millionaire? Well, first step is to know the secrets of becoming one.
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