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This is the tantalizing adventure of what Lydia does during the Annual Fundraiser and who she does it with.
This is the diary of Lydia's sexually over toned life. A Savannah Georgia woman that knows no bounds. Set in the 1950's she sets herself apart knowing no bounds and tantalizing your imagination. Lydia has adventures you can only dream of having.
When the topic of influencing a female comes up, it's usually not associated with the phrase, easy. As far as most people go, influencing a female is one of the most difficult factors you can do. Females and men think very in a different way when it comes to relationship and propagati...
One of the factors that really maintain most men returning from having a lot of achievements with females is that they really believe that it is HARD. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. When it comes to figuring out how to seduce women, most people believe that this is ...
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