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Because of our faith and love for Him ~ Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand ~ and we are able to confidently and joyfully look forward to the future.
So important are words...a plen·i·po·ten·ti·ar·y of life in a nutshell...that is what i share with you and love doing it..those of you indoctrinated by your viciousness and church will not understand....others will enjoy
well am back with some of my somewhat mystifying poetry..if you read sense into it well done or be like me just wander the highways and byways of non reality...wherever it takes you...enjoy
A juxtaposition of rattling inside your head, behind your eyes can lead to knowledge beyond compare but you have to go that...if you will..enjoy
Always searching most people are for love...hither and thither they go...this one that....then one day finally they look inside and find what they have always been looking for.......enjoy
Surely this is so how words a magic mirror are reflecting so beautifully what you want to see...believe. Some take them and shake in your face wanting you to believe what they do so they can feel good about themselves..others like me offer them for you to flow with and enjoy as I do...
There will come a time when you will at a crossroads stand...perhaps the one that beckons is what you have been used to...then perhaps you have the singlemindedness of loving within to take the path that leads to the upper Kingdom of God...choose wisely...
Well if I say it myself this has the grey matter twirling and whirling around and around. Soup to nuts and back again a tale is told with a meaning buried within plain sight...enjoy...some will have a good laugh as I do..
So often we see in others what really is inside ourselves...a reflection indeed. So if you wish to see yourself as a beautiful being take time to see others as such.. Just as my friend Lisa Davis did in the film 101 Dalmatians..
Life is full of mysteries until we open our eyes and our hearts to That Which Is...then there is nothing but understanding and knowing. Many will, many will not but that is always a choice for you to make....enjoy
Since this current yuga of four hundred billion years began man has evolved from no-thing, a unit of cosmic energy to what he is today. Some have had many lifetimes, some few...incarnation patterns if you will....enjoy!
We are ether Accepting or Rejecting through agreement
This is a beautiful piece straight from my heart to yours. Share with me a journey quite sublime..a journey divine that you all will go on for it is so....
Perhaps if you could travel into the future you would see a different world; have different senses; a different way of knowing...but why not try doing it now and see what you come up with...I did and this is what I saw...enjoy
Journey with me if you will into the Nothing-ness of totality...there an energy always new and delicious to enjoy, exist in, create from, Be.......some will others not...enjoy...
This morning early I walked along La Brea Avenue seeing so many wonderful sights which here I write about...simple things indeed but filled with heart and loving..a special way to be...enjoy...
So many people write about liars and the lies that not only politicians speak but men women too who seem to live in a welter of inconsistencies a way for them perhaps to prop up their false images not knowing any and enjoy.....
I believe we all love to touch into the mystery of life and know beyond knowing what really seems to be. A gift this can be and sometimes a curse finding what people really are thinking behind their words..oh well!!!!!
When we are young and close to God from whence we come, we still see glorious colours all around everything. Not strange for us then for clear we are not yet having taken on the trappings and matters of age and others opinions.
She experiences the strangeness of a heartbeat and a future lifetime. She knows Loving is the total energy of the Herself and all that dwells in infinity. A Million years it takes for a smile to pass across the face of the Mighty One.
Dreams can show us ways that our realities deny. Be they erotic or other they lead us down paths we sometimes do not want to travel...and yet sometimes we do! no holds barred!!!
It is in the darkness of closed eyes that we make the most awesome dreams.
short poem about walking and why I enjoy it at all times no matter what the weather is !
A brief guide to Kingfisher watching, featuring tips for successful searching.
Experience and expertise are the keys to onward march of humanity on the path of development, and these are the results of power of minute observations by the persons pioneering the humanity on this path. This faculty is although inbuilt in most of us since childhood, gets blunted if ...
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