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In every life adversity is encountered at some point in time. It is important to have a high tolerance for ambiguity or lack of clarity. Sometimes we follow instructions that we thought were given but learn much later ~ after the adversity ~ that the exact opposite was true.
Turning my downtime into a stepping stone . Changing my view of fears.
From the Robert Brewer's weekly prompt to write an unplugged poem.
There is a very thin line between truth and lies...
This article is a true story of john napier's shows how helpful he was even for his servant.
A short poem about the cost and work needed when you have a bust pipe. I am now insured against it, just in case.
Everyone needs a friend, including heroes. The Skillet Steed finds himself wandering aimlessly in a search for answers as he reaches a critical point in life. At his lowest point of desperation, he cries out to God. Read to learn more about the Skillet Steed - the Most Compassionate o...
We all wish to continue this path we were placed on in life. For some it's hard to accept just quite what we're in for, but for others, they're just happy to be able to enjoy what it has to offer.
Off of Retrubutionists artwork of the same title and dedicated to my husband Troy.
a page about games we play as kids and what fun we had ( or have) :D
Another thing is your professional affiliations such as those organizations you are into formerly or currently could also be beneficial to be included in your resume.
A successful life cannot be measured by comparison, but by the will to follow our own design.
Thoughts on whether you should allow intiative to hide itself?
I do not fear the darkness, for I have much knowledge on the subject, given me from all directions. It is the light I fear, for it is the path taken alone. Myself, the only compass for guidance.
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