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"Silence is Golden", a quotation that rings true as its core.The ability to remain quiet and in control of oneself during the appropriate time is a profitable and undervalued skill, I shall discuss this further below.
People give a damn about too many damn things they shouldn't give a damn about. Grab your coffee and pull up a chair and join me!
Psychology delves into the minds and behavior of human beings. It still puzzles researchers on what self control has contributed to the dieters and medical conditions such as diabetes
This is an article developed to help christians change from their old habits and become the new creatures in Christ that we were born to be. Through self examination a true transformation can and will take place in good timing and at a steady pace. If that is what you are after this ...
This is a poem about the awareness of an abusive relationship
Well, suicide can be committed, and life can be escaped for a moment, but existence cannot be escaped really. Realistic solutions in life and existence must always be considered and this is what this article is about. Because existence cannot be really escaped no matter how hard anyon...
Do you know who you are? And are there simple steps to make change? While there is no easy road, it doesn't have to be a hard road towards change for the better.
Newton’s laws states: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is indisputable! However, most people do not realize that this unquestionable law of physics also applies to every aspect of our lives and the world around us!
The road to self-improvement is wrought with pitfalls. "Oh well" is one of these. This page explores various applications of this pitfall. Awareness is the first step to overcoming difficulties.
This article examines the self – harm consequences of being a negative thinker, a constant complainer, and excessively judgmental person. Suicide is the ultimate form of self - harm. Critical Judgment of others and things is much slower form of self - harm ultimately achieving the ...
Tough poem to write... Not time consuming though :-)
This article reveals a sin that most Christian churches ignore or never knew it is a sin.
Here is my outline of seven steps to take to fix the degenerating world that we live in. These must be applied in order or they will not work.
There are five important dynamics of our personality characteristics that are key for building a romantic relationship. It's not always important if you are at the top of these dynamics. It is found to be more important how each of your dynamics interacts with those of your romanti...
Lust is a very common instinct. It is found in every living creature on earth. It is the primary cause for reproduction. As a superior race humans are sometimes obliged to control the sensation of lust. Uncontrolled lust wastes vital energy. This document will provide some quick ways ...
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