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This is an article developed to help christians change from their old habits and become the new creatures in Christ that we were born to be. Through self examination a true transformation can and will take place in good timing and at a steady pace. If that is what you are after this ...
It is said that one who believes himself he can do anything. He could make impossible into possible. Even he can move the giant mountain. Believe is what you know yourself consciously and unconsciously .Believe means winning yourself. Believe is the first thing that help you to win a...
Sometime you're just gotta be you're self.Everyone has a deep dark side.No shame
Do you know who you are? And are there simple steps to make change? While there is no easy road, it doesn't have to be a hard road towards change for the better.
This is about me making changes in my life for 2014!
This article is all about knowing our self. Knowing everything about us and discovering what we are capable of.
Why not think about de-cluttering your brain, rather than buying matching cushions next time you get the urge to redecorate?
Do you really need to get rid of all your negative traits? Is it better to love yourself as you are, rather than constantly try to change yourself.
Do you buy self help books, read them and not take heed of the information you read? Do you find that despite buying books, your life remains the same? Are your books shelf help books?
Can you make the best of things, no matter what comes along?
"Be glad and rejoice! You are loved by God and no matter what happened; He will accept and value you for who you are."
My page is on domestic violence, how it makes the receiver feel, and reasons why people stay and inflict violence.
All of us tend to discover ourselves throughout our lives. we live... live... and continue to live, until we die and find the real meaning of life.
This piece is about motivating yourself to do what you were born to do. Do you know what you are to do with your life? This will help you figure that out.
The ramblings in my brain sometimes lead me down a path of self realization.
Life is full of random epiphanies and moments of gentle clarity. Sometimes we need to quiet our minds and listen to what life is whispering to us.
Sometimes we fail to see our own worth and it takes an insider to point out our own greatness. I wrote this poem about finding yourself.
A mild degree of pressure actually increases your productivity and creativity. Positive stress can even challenge us to excel.
'Nothing changes if nothing changes'; a girls anthem as she embraces the reality of fairy tales and happy endings. Her journey down the wayward roads of innocence and love and heartache and self actualization. A memory of ending yet another chapter and liberation becoming her solace a...
Thoughts on my Birthday. Another day older in body but in spirit time does not exist.
To be able to love another fully and completely we must first be able to love ourselves. Start by loving the person you see in the mirror ~ inside and out!
A look at how a person's inner feelings and desires affect the person's behaviour towards them and can change them possibly forever. Also what influence our conscience has on our actions.
Many people talk about the power of having confidence in yourself and in who you are. I share a story that made me realize that confidence is something that I shall and will always have in myself from that day to now and into the future.
I think , if we look closely at our real self, we might discover horrible truths about ourselves and by acknowledging them, we might know who we are.
A muse is a mystical creature, but that does not mean it is not real. Is it the daughter of a god? I think not, but perhaps it is a metaphor for humanity’s latent power of creation. On the path the muse will take you, there be dragons. They must be slain however, in order to reach t...
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