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After a very long battle with illness and severe family trauma. I found it hard to get any job, particularly as I am 38 and not very qualified in many important areas. I am doing courses, but I am on the search as a free-lance writer and I've started with working from home
Here a few of my fellow authors from Central Illinois. Most of us are graduates of Eisenhower High School in Decatur, IL, and share the same inspiring English teacher, Shirley Kistler.
My epic fantasy series, The Dragon Chronicles, and the odd twist that made it unique.
This is a story/rhyme i did with my mother to help with her speech therapy after her stroke. This and other stories we did together really helped my mother with her recovery process. It also helped our spirits in this awful time and brought us closer together. I self published this st...
Self-published authors are growing in numbers. Hidden Reads finally gives polished works a chance to shine with free advertising.
Writers get stuck, and there's some well-worn advice out there to help. But should you take it as gospel, or could it even be bad for your novel?
You've self published your book, but what happens next? How do you bring your work to the attention of potential buyers and readers? Read about how one writer's experience may help you.
Amazon's KDP select scheme's pros and cons, find out what you should do!
While the topic niches are as vast as the sand on a beach, there are generally four main ebook categories you can write about...
More and more people are writing and hoping to get published. Is self publishing the answer to most writers dreams?
So you are a Poet, a Photographer, or a Storyteller and you want to create an E-Book. How can you do this with Little to no money down? And then turn around and sell the Book in different formats including Hard Copied, Hard Back or Paper Back Books as well as an E-book Well I am tryi...
It is not easy to publish your first book. But you can do it if you know how.
An Interview with author Kim Reeman who successfully self-published her first novel, Coronach.
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