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This is an article developed to help christians change from their old habits and become the new creatures in Christ that we were born to be. Through self examination a true transformation can and will take place in good timing and at a steady pace. If that is what you are after this ...
It is said that one who believes himself he can do anything. He could make impossible into possible. Even he can move the giant mountain. Believe is what you know yourself consciously and unconsciously .Believe means winning yourself. Believe is the first thing that help you to win a...
Few things that can help you feel smart in an office meeting.
Sometime you're just gotta be you're self.Everyone has a deep dark side.No shame
Its a poem about how a girl has to cope up with her feelings and try to keep up her self confidence and self esteem when she is heartbroken.
If you have never read the poem by W.B.Yeats - He Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven then you are missing out. One of the lines in the poem is: 'tread softly as you tread on my dreams" and it prompted me to write a poem and this is my attempt about self realization;
Strength is powerful, powerful enough to lead you paths you never though were possible. I am talking about personal, inherent strength and love for yourself. At times you need to take a moment and reevaluate where you are, are you truly living or are you dead inside. Are you aware of ...
This one is a bit of a heavy read but relays what I believe to be a totally underestimated concept. There is no such thing as normal, we all accept that and yet we spend the majority of our lives trying to achieve the status of being "Normal". An obvious contradiction, but one that a ...
What is the perfect relationship? Don't we all want one? Does it exist? Can we all have it? I believe the answer to the above questions above is YES, Yes,Yes, and Yes!
Why not think about de-cluttering your brain, rather than buying matching cushions next time you get the urge to redecorate?
"Be glad and rejoice! You are loved by God and no matter what happened; He will accept and value you for who you are."
My page is on domestic violence, how it makes the receiver feel, and reasons why people stay and inflict violence.
A bit of a motivation piece for those who know they need to be working out, desire to work out, and don't have the self motivation they need in order to get the work out done.
Life seems to have been eroding in minor pursuit which are trying and at the same time, exacting. Things do not come to me in an easy or matter in course way. More often dogged and persistent effort is required to be made even for a minor gain which under the existing circumstances is...
A short poem about self realisation, self sabotage, and finding happiness within
This is a poem I wrote about identity and feeling lost from yourself. Which is what I've been feeling for a long time.
To be able to love another fully and completely we must first be able to love ourselves. Start by loving the person you see in the mirror ~ inside and out!
A look at how a person's inner feelings and desires affect the person's behaviour towards them and can change them possibly forever. Also what influence our conscience has on our actions.
Take a journey into yourself and find the Light that shines within. Know whom you are ..a child of God
All human beings have fears. The physical fears are natural ones but the psychological fears are created by our own minds. These psychological fears are chief cause of our sorrows. They are gone, once you realize you create and nurse them consciously or unconsciously.
Thoughts of a past love, an abstract poem, a lot of metaphors.
We stand before the mirror and look, yet no matter how hard we try, we must sometimes stop looking, to see.
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