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What was learned when I took off on a quest to cleave the spiritual 'me' from the rest in order to observe it's purity. A journey into the reasons for self loathing.
Everyone has heard of self-esteem. We basically know what it means. But have you really ever thought about it? What effects it can have on someone's life. Have you experienced very low self-esteem at some point in your life? Are you here because you want to work on improving yours or ...
An amazing new reaching, hugging Self-healing Hydrogel has been created, which is literally brimming with possibilities In both medicine and engineering...
Vipassyana is looking back on your body through the eyes of your mind, gradually scaning every point continuously with the pleasure of doing so.
This article discusses observing oursevles during our daily life, to try to discover which ingrained habits and activities we do that are draining our precious energy. When our energy levels are low, we tend to feel exhausted and get sick, when we can raise them we will feel more aliv...
This article is an introduction to the awesome healing power of stones and crystals.
Human body is the wonderful work of God with defensive mechanisms for its healthy maintenance. It is has an in built structure for its steady growth. It is capable of curing diseases that may creep into its system.
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