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We all love winning, but do we love just as much honestly working for it?
Simple reality is the reality we must take one step at a time, after all a whole elephant cannot be digested at once. Somehow, as I was coming up with this article, I was thinking about a combination of plain patience and Allen Toussaint's song "Working In The Coal Mine". In reality, ...
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
You know I was watching people yesterday when I went out. People get devastated over the silliest of things. Everyone has disappointments, setbacks, bad breaks and frustrations.
Be YOU and don't apologize for it! What is holding you back from being YOUrself? Do you compare and contrast often?
It takes 2 to make any relationship work and starting a relationship is hard and takes work. They say 2 things are of benefits to a healthy relationship: 1) sharing your interest and 2) learning new things.
Happiness is the highest cause Aristotle once said correctly, and we are as realistically happy as we make up our minds to be, and as unworried as we make ourselves ultimately. Take things too seriously and happiness is impossible, worry is certain. But, take things just seriously eno...
Studies show that it's almost impossible for people to earn 5% more than they think they're worth. It's also impossible for people to earn 5% less than what they think they're worth. Funny? Study shows that aside from experience, qualifications, and market conditions, someone earning ...
Think: Life is more than something we go through like amoeba beings. To go through it well, we must have consciousness and conscientiousness, bad or good. To get through the bad to the good, we must be patient, create understanding, and cultivate tolerance. I know, some of this sounds...
We all need to love ourselves. Without that decision to love ourselves, we plain make an unconscious decision to fear ourselves. Recently, I was thinking about this fact with full cognizance, and here is what I came up with:
The faults we find in others are reflections of what we have inside us.
Taking some time for yourself occasionally to completely clear your mind, can be one the best things someone can do for themselves.
“If we experience any failures or setbacks, we do not forget them because they offend our self-esteem. Instead we reflect on them deeply, trying to figure out what went wrong and discern whether there are any patterns to our mistakes.” Robert Greene, Mastery
The story is about my depressed life in early years, it goes on to describe the impact it had on me. I was changed after i learnt that everybody is your friend if you are willing to take him for a friend. with this thought i lived and continue to do so.........
Personal healing from Meditation..Unexpected healing from Materialism
We are living in the globalized world. Here everybody is facing stress and competition. Which somewhere results in unhappiness and loneliness. Not only this is the reason of unhappiness and loneliness, there are so many other reasons differ from person to person. But the fact is, so m...
Think of life this way: We have to put fuel into any engine, and keep the engine running well, for it to work. That goes for survival, mechanical, spiritual or economic engines. That means any engine. Making consistent money is not an exception either. I put the engine of survival fir...
Lots of people make New Year's resolutions but very few people stick to them. Here's how to keep your resolutions all year long.
This article is all about knowing our self. Knowing everything about us and discovering what we are capable of.
This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.
In life, once we appreciate who we are and embrace ourselves, we are bound to be more successful.The me syndrome is all about getting better self esteem for a better life.
Manipulating people to do for you may feel powerful in the beginning, however, it has costs and long-term consequences for your relationships. Learn to change this behavior to get more authentic outcomes.
Follow the One Potato Rule. I know it sounds like a formula for an infomercial, however, if used effectively and consistently, you will actually be able to stop procrastinating and make progress on your most dreaded tasks.
Isolating your Social, Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of your life helps you understand which has been most adversely influenced by self-defeating behaviors. Knowing what to change is a good beginning towards getting better outcomes in life.
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