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How easy is it to self-publish your books? The truth? It’s harder than some enthusiasts would have you believe. It’s a long process, but not terribly difficult if you’re a willing learner.
Ever since self-publishing has become a significant part of the book business, writers have been the target of advice-givers, eager to tell them how to do it. But advice should always be taken with a grain of salt.
Have you written a novel and want to self publish? Be sure to take this simple advice.
Why not give your guests something to watch and even something to talk about? In Part 5 of the series "Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget)", I will tell you about the presentation I had playing to introduce my guests to my book, "Awakening". You can even have a littl...
You've found the venue for your book launch, but how do you design your layout to maximise the space and make sure everything runs smoothly? This second installment of the "Launching Your Book in Style (Even on a Tight Budget)" series will help you out with practical lessons learned f...
I have published two books of fiction in the traditional way, and I need now to ask if self-publishing is a better solution. I also need to find a wider target readership.
Book trailers are video advertisements meant to promote books. This method is increasingly becoming the pillar of today's book promotion and marketing.
The article looks at ways to become a published writer and the difficulties involved.
After two years an author sees the finished product of a two year writing commitment.
My writing experience for my first book wasn't easy: I worked hard to make sure it was written well enough to be published. Editing was a key factor in successfully completing my final manuscript, and I had others help me to do so. It's a journey from cover to cover.
It took me four years to write my book and a few minutes to publish it, for free. It feels amazing to finally have it out there for everyone to see but, it doesn't stop at publishing, the work has just begun...
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