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Simple reality is the reality we must take one step at a time, after all a whole elephant cannot be digested at once. Somehow, as I was coming up with this article, I was thinking about a combination of plain patience and Allen Toussaint's song "Working In The Coal Mine". In reality, ...
Happiness is the highest cause Aristotle once said correctly, and we are as realistically happy as we make up our minds to be, and as unworried as we make ourselves ultimately. Take things too seriously and happiness is impossible, worry is certain. But, take things just seriously eno...
Think: Life is more than something we go through like amoeba beings. To go through it well, we must have consciousness and conscientiousness, bad or good. To get through the bad to the good, we must be patient, create understanding, and cultivate tolerance. I know, some of this sounds...
A good self-esteem is like good water that is clean, pure and needed by the body to survive. Like a body is mostly made of water, a mind and thoughts are made mostly of their intrinsic self-esteem, self-concept, self-worth and beneficial actions.
A stock-taking of achievements and failures of my country.
Think of life this way: We have to put fuel into any engine, and keep the engine running well, for it to work. That goes for survival, mechanical, spiritual or economic engines. That means any engine. Making consistent money is not an exception either. I put the engine of survival fir...
Your perception standing in the way of your true potential.
This article is about self medication. We must avoid it and follow doctor's advice
This page is about self estimation based on the inner beauty which lies forever
Taking a peek at the survivalism movement - is it really a new idea?
Takes a look at how people start at the bottom and move up in the world by improving their skills and improving themselves
This article is about self improvement. We must have faith and trust about our self and do our work with lot of hope and confidence
Here is some more poems from the heart of MAnature.
My opinion on the always present phrase 'Can't always get what you want'.
The definition of ecstasy is but a natural desire to add to ones knowledge.What's it all about.
A series of home-made remedies you can make yourself for you and your family. Covers medicinal herbs, water cures, castor oil packs and much more ...
It seems that the prices for herbal salts in health food shops are vastly exaggerated. I've just made a herbal salt myself and it's totally delicious and always adds the extra minerals and taste to many dishes.
Being the "typical" Aries, I had to go and find out. Born and raised in Munich (that's Europe/Germany/Bavaria/Oktoberfest for our oversea's readers), I thought sailing around Europe would be a good wheeze to find out which country might be the "green-est".
Books on solar energy are written by experts and they like to throw about with some special jargon, special graphs and tables which is nice, but how does one really live with solar power. Here, some myths with regards to solar power are revealed, in simple everyday language.
Yes, the good old stinging nettle, put on a pair of gloves and collect it to use in your food preparations and let it help you in your garden too!
Whether you are into "self-sufficiency", healthy lifestyle or simply like to make your own cheese because you are vegetarian and want to use plant based rennet, here's recipe for making "Haloumi" cheese which comes to us from Greece.
This series on soil improvement provides innovative as well as long proven solutions to this most pressing issue with regards to natural gardening and farming. Framed positively the articles contain many solution-orientated action steps for the reader.
A series of home-made remedies you can make yourself for you and your family. Covers medicinal herbs, water cures, caster oil packs and much more ...
The attitude of "one person alone can't change the world" has led so many people in this modern society to a long term, often silent and lonely suffering of unnecessary illnesses. The only way out seems to be a strong involvment on a personal basis (yes, YOU!). And you have a house a...
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