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It takes 2 to make any relationship work and starting a relationship is hard and takes work. They say 2 things are of benefits to a healthy relationship: 1) sharing your interest and 2) learning new things.
Time is a luxury not all can afford. Quite the opposite. It can, with time, be your worst nightmare. Beyond your reach. Beyond your control. Only as it increasingly slips away, will you begin to realize just how valuable and irreplaceable is your loss.
this is a compilation of some of my writings for i find it easier to write this way...but they all lead you to yourself...the Precious One...enjoy
Love yourself. Cherish yourself. Sometimes you are all you have.
Being on your own needs courage of conviction and living with that. Moreover, it must be realized that nobody in the world is anxious about you more than you yourself or at the most your near and dear ones, up to varied extents
a great majority of people knows caring for others views but a very few know caring for view of the self. It appears we all for most of our lifetimes, remain busy in fashion parades for pleasing others.
The uniqueness, each one of us possesses, indicates, as far as individual growth is concerned, that one has to go his/her own unique way independent of all others. Since, such individual paths shall also be unique, there is no possibility of mutual conflicts in pursuance of individual...
Instead, striking at the worst possibility with all the directed efforts is the right path of victory. In the same process, it came to surface that successful persons do not find happiness in their achievements, but achievements in their happiness.
An object is normally viewed to be what the viewer perceives about it. This is called a subjective perception about the object. Ideally speaking, an object must be perceived objectively without any subjectivity of the viewer.
A discussion of Rousseau's understanding of self-knowledge and its importance for human life and education.
Love is truly a hard thing to conquer but love is really simple and I'm gonna show you how.
Everyone one day will find their True Self, the One we all have searched for. As is read: To Thine Own Self Be True. Going through the trials and tribulations, joys and happiness that are all part of each expression in the classroom of life.
A finite mortal earth being evolutionary philosophy of almighty immortal destiny.
Nowadays many of us, especially teenagers, don't really have a life purpose. When people ask "what do you like most?", many of us cannot think of an answer. How can we find ourselves a purpose? There are many methods from the internet but none of them works! What can I do?
The story is about my depressed life in early years, it goes on to describe the impact it had on me. I was changed after i learnt that everybody is your friend if you are willing to take him for a friend. with this thought i lived and continue to do so.........
"Who am I??" Isn't that the question everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives? Get to know a little more about me and why I write what I write.
Yoga -- Not just streching, but an ancient method for attaining self-transcendence and union with the God-Being.
They say he is special. I say he is very adventures. He is my youngest of three.
From one small cell in God's body we all did evolve...billions of years yes it took at first just an etheric form but the Spirit always be free in the knowing that you are we are all....
This is a guide on how to improve our self and turn into a better person and a good one.
A short writeup on certain set backs which might be unknown.
This is all about faith and life. Life is full of challenges, don't lose hope. This is about believing yourself.
This article is all about knowing our self. Knowing everything about us and discovering what we are capable of.
This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.
In the 1920s D H Lawrence said; "Mankind has to get back in touch with the rhythms of nature." Instead we moved away from nature and towards technocracy and now we face pandemics of depression and stress. Materially we in the west are better off than any generation before us. But some...
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