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Women you are beautiful, you have the look, you are what you need to be, mother, sister, grandmother, woman. Who can say what is beautiful, you need all kinds of beautiful characteristics to be beautiful. It's all inside of you, women you are beautiful.
It is time to shift our focus from selfish pursuits to selflessness as our guiding light for inclusive society. When we share our mother earth, the air we breathe, come and leave empty handed, it is clear our pursuits should be above selfishness.
This is a basic verse exposition on love. I only write further because wikinut demands a longer summary.
Some acts of kindness are so extraordinary they need to be made known to many.
This is a poem I wrote about love and how we're all searching for it.
Bill Shephard was unemployed and needed money, so he put his army medal up for sale.
Love, as the Beatles so aptly put it, is all there is.
Life is an illusion... the key is selflessness...
Sometimes, we give up internally. We feel as though the end is nigh and you want to give yourself up because you have lost all hope. But hope is never lost as long as the Sun shines.
This article is for people who share their selfless love for their partner. Keeping courage and boldness in love is unconditional and untimely. Partnership should be appreciated by both parties and the bonds should be strengthened. Making both of the topmost priority and inspiration i...
This is extremely personal to me, in the sense that it was advice written specifically for myself, and thus I doubt many will be able to empathise or even understand :). However, it will provide anyone who's interested with insight about me. I hope someone recognises the D&D reference...
I do believe the darker side of my muse has come out to play.
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