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Before you put your house up for sell there are some things you should do.
Of all the things you wish you'd been doing all along or little by little when you decide to sell your house, painting may be one of the toughest.
Moving from the country to the city! I hope that my own unique true story will help someone in a similar situation to always sell any property that is jointly owned after a divorce and not wait until it is in dire need of repairs!
My top five deal breakers when purchasing a home come from my years of buying and selling real estate. You may love the home, but not the repair bills. Plan ahead and be an educated consumer.
If you have watched countless shows on television about flipping houses and making tons of money in a very short amount of time you’ve probably thought to yourself that you could do that and possibly wondered why you haven’t. If you are considering entering into the world of real ...
There are many great questions to ask when it comes to real estate investing and one of the many that you should consider if you are thinking of flipping houses for your real estate investment is: why ? Why flip houses ? It certainly seems as though it’s a great deal of work an...
Getting an offer on your home is only half the battle. There are still conditions, also know as escape clauses, that can allow the buyers to walk. One of the most notorious is the much feared building inspection. Here are a few tips and tricks to help the nervous home seller keep t...
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