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Who can know the ways of love and who can predict the flow of love, because unlike water it doesn’t always take the path of least resistance!
During the period of sensitivity I got several strange phenomenon and I tried to know their meaning. I saw light emanating from inside. I saw tiny stars. I saw pentagonal star in a ring. I got the signs of kundaline Yoga. I tried to reach the heavenly powers destined for me.
A practice in memory of consciousness, I take independently experienced sensations described on their own terms and piece them together into a single memory of someone I've loved in the past.
I miss feeling in love again...but most of all I miss being loved back..............
I am continuing to discuss feelings, the misunderstanding or lack of understanding of them and their role in identity formation and the on-going exercises for the development of feeling awareness.
This is a short article explaining the difference between ghosts and poltergeists with some really exciting footage to spice it up!
This page is about the recent sensational news in the media. Most of them are very cruel and unbelievable
After publishing one of my Poems/article: Just in a split second-The sexuality of the lady in red, one of my friends told me he has always seen the gift of erotic and sensual articles in me. Well, this spur me to try another one and here it is. I hope you do enjoy it
Taiwanese girl visited Paris to learn music, she have desire of lip to lip kiss project with hundred guys in Paris city
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