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Taking a sexually explicit journey through erotic thoughts and experiences, this article has explicit images alongside adventurous erotic thoughts and the pleasure in this world that is womankind. If you have frail sensitivity do not read.
Oh this is going to make some peoples' hair stand on end...but I am known for that! a venturing through lifetimes not always mine but sensuality belongs to many women besides myself...enjoy
I decided to write this and share how our lifetime now is impacted by past lives and how karma plays a big part. Also it is for Franco who has re-awakened my sensuality which has been sleeping for quite a while now!!! enjoy
People who hate others are actually hurting themselves. You can see their evils and other bad deeds written on their face. Do I need to elaborate?
Sensual passions can lead us wherever they go or mayhap wherever we might like to go...travelling the stars or deep into the underworld, the mind and imagination can go on incredible journeys it is always up to us to find the on and enjoy...if you will!
This really did happen to me this morning and the interesting thing is that being out of my body my mind no longer controlled my body so it just relaxed and my bodyworker had no difficulty stretching me. The rest of this piece is not for prudes.....
"Close Your Eyes" was born out of a food writing exercise where I was challenged to write about food, using all five senses.
this short poem about the rose and its many layers of beauty was inspired by the video that i have linked at the top... I have always stood in awe at the beauty of the rose... In this poem i relate its many layers to the beauty and sensuality of woman....My mothers name is Rose so...
short poem with sensual undertones. A lovers memory.. One touch... One memory....
This is in reminiscent of those attractions that can only be savoured.
The feeling of peak sensuality may be conserved by preventing it from getting consumed in that final stroke.
Nothing quite beats the closeness, and magical interaction of Making Love... Intense desire pounds through your veins... Passion becomes the name of the dance...and for a while, nothing and no one else matters...It is just him and me....
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