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This man says he became a free man when he embraced education and culture while he was in jail.
When you want to be with someone their very being consumes you. They don't always know how you feel about them or the effect they have on you. They encase your very being. You want to be locked away, just you and them.
A strange exploration into the self-consciousness of post-modern life and the implications reflection holds for life in general.
Last night I saw the second part of this interesting documentary, where Sir Trevor Macdonald meets women in prison and listens to them speaking about their crimes, and their families. Read on to find out more.
The Crown Prosecution Service has today swiftly and publicly rebuked a barrister it instructed in a case relating to the sexual abuse of a thirteen-year-old girl for calling her sexually experienced and her behaviour 'predatory'. Was it right to do so?
Calm, cool, courage, ambition, understanding, wise That is part of the sentence when inspiration Upheaval, consider, uniting in the liver And poured through the brain Always shake, your soul author
A conclusion will serve as a finale. It should not be a one-sentence tag only. Other things to remember are that the conclusion should never introduce any new idea and it should not say sorry for itself. A conclusion is written as a summary of the whole composition and it may state wh...
The paragraph’s topic sentence is usually located at or near the beginning of the paragraph. However, even though most of the writers use to put the topic sentence in the beginning, it could also be placed in some transitional sentence in the middle or in the end of the paragraph as...
A sentence is considered as a full sentence when it is complete grammatically. It should also contain an expressed subject and a predicate, and it should not be introduced by a subordinating word. Introduction by a subordinating word is only allowed when the subordinating word belongs...
What should you do or what not before, during and under an interview? Read some really useful tips.
A short story made up of sentences which i tried to keep as brief as possible.
I understand that Google is working hard on its online translation service for other languages to be translated to English language and English to other languages though we cannot expect a perfect translation from Google for a word, for a sentence or for the whole paragraph as Google ...
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