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Experience a marriage proposal through this writer's eyes that she was honored to be a part of at her local church.
I missed using my Dell lappy. It was a gift from my brother Bong two years ago.
Sentimental he Some guys and females still live in clouds of ignorance My attempt is not to alienate them but submit my own alienation if it be so constued
the low lamp gave off a soft but sombre glow and reflected a quiet glint of history off
A love poem written in Iambic tetrameter, with lyric elements and intense sentimentalism. It contains symbols and metaphors that deal with the sea and the human expressions of their emotions.
An English sonnet, written in Iambic pentameter form, with romantic, sentimental and spiritual extensions.
Sentimental eh!Some poets become poets as they are mostly sentimental...Some others only squeeze thinking the poet 'sentimotional'....will freeze
An Iambic tetrameter ABBA rhymed spiritual poem, about loneliness, love and longing.
Memory she was or a destined coil, contemplative strophe, poetic soul, A sentimental spiritual poem about a beloved lady in a man's mind.
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