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One women discovers her husband has been having an affair..
Poem I wrote for a man I love deeply- and yet am without. Long distance relationship. People say it cannot work, I cannot conceive that we will fail.
When you are uncertain, you are lost within yourself. This surprising conclusion is reached in this article, because the writer is asserting here, that there is nothing that is uncertain under the sun. The truth is that we all know it all already. We can all be as perfectly certai...
Many couples today face separations. This separation can be the result of a career choice or it can be the result of a military obligation. Nevertheless, all couples must continually work on the relationship, despite the separation, or be prepared to face the demise of what they came ...
Personal space and oneness. If a shoe does not fit our foot, which would we change, our foot, or the shoe? Personal space is a lot like that shoe. We keep trying to squeeze our over-sized foot into it! The oneness of personal space!
On one of my recent pages a very lovely lady wrote..." thank you for the reminders, the remembering, and the rejoicing" so this is about that and enjoy...
A flash fiction/prosetry exploration: Revelations have their own agendas.
How knowing someone for 30 Years impacts That Special Day.
As my wife and I seek outside advice about my "revelation" to her, we grapple with the issues: how to tell the kids, going on a European Cruise already paid for, and do we stay married? Ah, decisions, decisions???
Allowing children the independence to pick out their own clothing can cause frustration. However, pairing outfits in advance and picking out clothes the night before can eliminate a lot of frustration and still allow children to make their own choices. I've fictionalized and dramatiz...
We all experience various emotions especially in relationships. Different moods and feelings and this poetry runs the gamut of spiritual inner awareness to outright erotica...
We come from no thing and yet the enormousness of It encompasses All. Too much for the mind to understand yet so profound as are We all. This piece covers a time period when the separation of earth from sun, from moon took place and more....
Divorce is a word which we do not have to look at the dictionary because almost everybody already knows its meaning. This is to unveil things that parents were not able to see.
Our Creator has made sure that we find heaven right here on earth. We are given total freedom to be in charge of our destiny including that of our fellow travelers. We need to take a deep breath, ponder and count our blessings.
A sentimental spiritual poem expressed in Iambic pentameter.
The institution of marriage stands on shaky ground.More and more people each day are signing divorce papers to call off a marriage.But what could be leading people to so much separation?
It is amazing how mach places have recorded an increase in their Divorce numbers.
Medusa is a different kind of a poem, describing a nightmare; You invaded my world, a form glacial, gorgeous you appeared and perfect! But dismal evil, forbidding 'n' bifacial with thy figure scenic and bedecked. ................ ................
How to prepare your children for the bad news of divorce
Spending extra and special times with the kids so they are reassured and not lost in the shuffle
Divorce is getting to be an alarming statistics, therefore those involve must work even harder.
Why in today's society marriages don't work as they used to
How to deal with the aftermath of divorce without making the kids suffer and spending a great deal of time talking to them
Working out an amicable joint custody arrangement - one that is fair and fair for the kids.
The pain of separation is the toughest pain to handle. The author sits and reminisces the past which was once beautiful, but the unfortunate departure of his loved one has taken all happiness out of his life.
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