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With Ash vs. Evil Dead coming to the small screen in the Fall, and the present status of the movie franchise in limbo, enter New publisher Space Goat and their take on Evil Dead 2. A comic that has room for improvement but also looks promising and potentially good... I mean groovy.
To all my friends on Wikinut and Facebook, this is where I am now, and I hope to catch up with all of you very soon. Read on to find out more.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the adaption of the comic of the same name. Captain America now has to face unknown enemies that will force him to on the run from the very organization he works with. He will have to learn the secrets of a far reaching mystery as well as take do...
The sequel to the short story given in two parts as a letter correspondence between two friends.
My short review of Guild Wars Two, a recent MMORPG.
A review of Warner Brother film, Dungeons & Dragons, Wrath of the Dragon God.
A review of Universal pictures, Hellboy 2 the Golden Army.
If you played Spore, then you must know why i'm so thrilled to hear they're making a sequel!
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