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The psychology behind hit men such as the notorious Richard Kuklinkski is fascinating.
Dive into the psyche of a man in conflict with himself and the events that surround him as he discovers the truth about the demon that resides within.
The mystery of the "Black Dahlia murder still haunts Los Angeles as one of the most gruesome crimes in the history of the west coast city.the brutalized body of the attractive young aspiring model /actress was found by a mother and her young child walking down the street one morning.
On a warm dark night in early June six family members and two guests of the J.B. Moore family were brutally murdered. The senseless act shook up the small community, sending a rush of fear that a possible serial killer was on the loose.
Rodney Alcala, the Dating Game Killer, is currently on death row with more charges pending.
Read about Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America's most famous serial killers and certainly one of the most famous cannibals.
It's a murder mystery. Each week I will add two more chapters until the truth shall be revealed!!
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This is Chapter 1 of my second book Genesis. It is the prequel to my first book The Altruist's Prey. If you liked it you can read 5 more free chapters at
This is the first chapter of my first book 'The Altruist's Prey'. If you like it please go to for another 5 free chapters.
What is going on inside the mind of a serial killer and how did they come to be the way they are?
What creates a serial killer? There is a powerful influence the genome and the environment has on a human being. How do these two factors interact and create a heartless killer?
In the annals of crime there are many untold stories. Whether they are fiction or true, you decide. This piece reveals the stories of serial killers of a lesbian turn. Those who killed for fun and for other motivations which criminaligists are yet to uncover. Can you find an explanati...
A New Serial Killer? This crazy maniac kills young beautiful women because he thinks they are vampires.. crazy has reached a new high.. so sit back and enjoy this Nick PT Barnum Quick fiction and enjoy
This Nick PT Barnum Serial Killer thinks he's correcting a wrong. This part of a Deeper Shae of Red Story short continues as Nick Barnum closes in, but it's too late for this victim--read on
Many serial killers appear quite average, or even likable, on the outside. It's when you dig a little deeper that you learn things to keep you up at night. Like the fish killings.
This is a summary of the victims of Jack the Ripper
There are many serial killers though not mentioned here and they may also arouse the feeling of hatred in you but as for now these are the five famous serial killers of India and are also responsible for the production of many thriller movies in India.
Changes are needed to the crime of murder and it's consequences
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