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In the final installment from my memoir I tie up all the loose threads and little mysteries which have been unanswered up till this time.
As my husband receives his first promotion to manage his first motel, we begin our "Southwest Tour." Thus begins his reputation of fixing up one motel and its staff after another . . . leading us to our ultimate destination.
A lot of pieces begin to fall into place for me after I begin my online bromance with the big tall fella from El Paso named Lane who introduces me to the United Church of Christ. My spiritual side starts getting fed again . . . and so naturally my heart follows . . .
After I take my estranged wife back to Michigan from Arizona after our home sells, I find myself footloose for the first time in thirty years. I go through a prolonged period of re-adolescence reliving the missed years of gay life I should have lived during my college days. Uh-oh!
I finally come out of the closet both at work and within the vibrant gay communities in Tucson and Phoenix, and I begin exploring slowly at first what it means to be a sensual gay male.
As my wife and I seek outside advice about my "revelation" to her, we grapple with the issues: how to tell the kids, going on a European Cruise already paid for, and do we stay married? Ah, decisions, decisions???
I recall all of the thoughts, images, emotions, and events leading up to my strange back-handed, mishandled coming out on St. Patrick's Day 2005.
As my wife and I begin our retirement in Tucson, Arizona, I take a part-time job as a cowboy/actor on an old movie studio back lot which soon turns into the most fascinating work I've ever had. And more . . .
In today's concluding installment from Chapter 13, my 82 year old dad experiences a severe stroke right at the end of the school year which begins our "Summer from Hell" as Nancy and I rush off to his bedside.
I've recovered from my last round of back surgeries to become the new school librarian, yet my health continues to deteriorate to the point that I must teach from an electric wheelchair while my wife becomes totally disabled via Social Security Disability. And the band plays on.
As I graduate from my master's degree program and I should be celebrating the pinnacle of my success, I can barely walk and require yet another surgery . . . which nearly kills me.
As I recover after my first back surgery, I've rebuilt the music program at the school where I teach in Chicago, and for my efforts I'm rewarded with a two-week retreat in The Loop at what is called the Talented Teacher Institute. This is one of two highlights of my career communing ...
As our sojourn in South Carolina continues my wife and I head into a deep downward spiral which begins with my unexpected headache. And then the dominoes fall . . .
As I begin teaching in South Carolina's Low Country in the late 1970's, my wife and I experience the culture shock that only two inexperienced Yankees can feel in a recently integrated school system and an unintegrated community.
My job with the "Christian" ladies of the daycare keeps deteriorating. What is their ultimate solution for me? And how do I respond?
As my wife's delivery day approaches I change jobs. All is great at first . . .
After the loss of our first son, in an effort to recapture some joy My wife and I relocate to South Carolina for a change of scenery. Does it provide the antidote we're looking for?
After the death and burial of our firstborn son, my wife and I struggle to cope as we "celebrate" our first wedding anniversary. See how we begin falling apart and putting the pieces back together.
In today's gripping installment our first son, Micah, is born extremely ill and is whisked off to the neonatal unit at the University of Michigan. Find out what happens to him!
Amid the turmoil of teaching in the State Prison my wife and I conceive our first child. What have we gotten ourselves into?
As my school relationships on my team deteriorate, I begin dating. Where does this unlikely courtship lead? And how does my horrible first school year culminate?
My search finally ends and I FINALLY find my first teaching job. Is it everything I ever dreamed and hoped for? Yeah, right!
As I go through my student teaching experience in the cold north country I experience many changes, some of them quite unexpected!
In this installment, my value system is changing all at once as my best friend begins studying the Bible with JW's, and the Watergate Affair rocks my world!
As I begin my junior year at Michigan State, I work as a classroom aide as a part of my curriculum, and I am tested by one of the young students. Do I rise to the occasion?
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