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Would you be able to lead a sermon and preach to people good, if the opportunity came aknockin'? Seems Father would, yes...
This short story is about a man who recently has been having difficulty getting to sleep at night. He tried visualising instead, and he received what is referred to as a waking dream. Funny enough, the very next day, his waking dream was confirmed for him in a real dream, which was ...
Love cannot be learnt from a sermon, but perhaps our hearts can be touched by someone's words enough to re-ignite the flames of love again in our own heart. Living from a mirror image of love is a cold lonely existence indeed.
St Anthony's conversion of hardened heretics to the faith of God is a fine example for all to emulate. All dreams, goals, objectives and wishes are achievable, especially with the intercession of God.
We all do things in life that makes us who we are, we should not lose our integrity due to such things
Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. People goes to church for service for the celebration of the risen Christ and other activities.
Christian ethics is in harmony with theology. A Christian places ethics in a moral order revealed by the divine creator though both general and special revelation. And he knows that this order is the only true source of morality. For a Christian, the moral order is as real as the phys...
Why do we do the things that we do? What motivates us? Even to do good things, our motivation needs to be pure.
Giving a speech or a sermon is an art. It can be learnt by constant practice. A powerful speech could change history.
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