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What happened to my servants? Why aren't they at work? What's that? Somebody poisoned them? Oh great. Who's so evil?
Seriously, sometimes servants are like children. Literally. They don't think, they don't plan ahead, they don't realize that things cost money, and they don't mind being wasteful. Oh, Master will always provide, right? Why should they worry about anything? Their employer is a bottomle...
Before leaving their encampment near Mount Sinai Moses instructs the children of Israel in all that God had taught him.
The plagues come thick and fast now but a stubborn pharaoh refuses to let the children of Israel go and sacrifice to the Lord their God.
Famous Ghosts, Historical Connections and Two-Hundred Years of Paranormal Activity in One Mansion
Slavery and rebellion in the Northern State of New York
There are conflicts of interests between House maids and owners, rather call it Master vs. slave. Since there is no laws yet in Bangladesh for servants especially house servants, indeed they are enjoying no rights what so ever.
The Maid culture is a British legacy and it is now deeply rooted in India.
The gifts of God are numerous and are there just for the asking and the agape love is always there.
An innocent childs thought on what he saw in the world.
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