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Abishag did sleep with David. She had no sexual relations with him. Abishag remained a virgin. physicians hope that the vibrancy of her youth would revitalise the life of David.
The small business owner today needs an internet service provider that provides fast efficient service at a reasonable rate. The idea that speed will slow down your business process is a major factor when considering the right internet provider. Since most small businesses rely on the...
Recently my friend asked me to visit her beauty spa that she had started exactly a year ago. She herself is a very skilled makeup artist who’s done many certifications in hair styling and has a long list of clientele who love her work.
Even though there will certainly be times of tests and trials, each individual has been entrusted with a gift and/or talent that empowers them to be productive in their calling. The challenge for us is to be ourselves and not try to be something we're not.
Crazy I am so happy I secured a driver job. I am delivering some magazines, who knew how taxing this job can be? Pain ~ muscles in such pain!! Patience is being tested ..... seriously!!!!
Well, it's Sunday morning and I decide to start going. I first cycle 40 minutes on the stationary bike in front of the television, as I had been doing now for a few days since I had hit some fitness inspiration wave and would like to make the best of it before it passes.
I remember when I came home from my war having trouble reconnecting with family and friends and trying to tell them how just much I missed them...Needed them...Loved them. It seems we could not recognize each other. It seems as though we had become lost in the eyes of the world.
I seldom talk all that much about my days in the United States Marine Corps, but a friend of mine has asked me about boot camp, as her step son is about to join up and head to boot camp, so I thought I would give him just a little taste to wet his whistle with.
Children in today's world are subjected to a lot of harmful and evil things. Nearly all parents want to keep their little ones away from all that and help them stay on the right path.
We live in a troubled world. We always have. I joined the United States Marine Corps in the fall of 1967 because I just loved the Dress Blue uniform. I never once thought I would see anyone die.
What good customer service should be no matter how big or small a company is.
A tale this be of an end and a beginning...for little boy and me. Enjoy the aromas of Christmas cooking and sweetness of angel's caring and the beautiful pictures...otherworldliness is a place to be...
Don't allow discouragement to set in or become faint with weariness and exhaustion. A great attitude is one that says we must ~ encourage one another ~ and renounce disgraceful ways. Secret destructive thoughts and underhandedness must go. We are to refuse to deal craftily ~ to pr...
Employing an external management consulting agency helps companies realize huge benefits. Other than time and effort, when they call in another agency to provide customized solutions for managing their company, they are developing a third eye perspective that helps them improve their ...
On Memorial Day, take a few minutes to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives in the betterment of mankind through their service in the armed forces! Freedom is never free, but must be paid for in work and blood!
Windows 7 users sometimes annoying because sometimes install software extensions . MSI itself or an error " Windows Installer Service could not be accessed " , although I have downloaded the correct file suitable for your version of Windows users .
Another incident at the hotel. Some people think they have the right to be rude.
Murphy's law always strikes when you have an important appointment
Customers taken for a ride by restaurants' slapdash and sloppy service and a lack of etiquette
Back in June,my eldest grand daughter got engaged, and we travelled to the USA to celebrate with the family. We returned again for the wedding on 28th December 2013. Read on to find out more about it.
A delicate balance may have to be struck between profitability and quality of service to satisfy customers.
The ultimate human good is happiness. In a world that is wallowing in so much despair, more and more people are seeking happiness from external entities, whereas the real and authentic source of happiness is the internal environment.
Mickey D's has been part of my life for 35 years. Here's my recollections.
I wrote and delivered this speech for a National Honor Society induction ceremony. Although a wee bit lengthy, several ideas needed to be developed.
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