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I remember when I came home from my war having trouble reconnecting with family and friends and trying to tell them how just much I missed them...Needed them...Loved them. It seems we could not recognize each other. It seems as though we had become lost in the eyes of the world.
In an episode on SyFy, the Ghost Hunters visit the dark ship docked in Alameda, California and investigate the thousands of reports coming from those who have witnessed ghostly encounters on the ship that is roughly the size of three football fields. From suicides to freak accidents, ...
We live in a troubled world. We always have. I joined the United States Marine Corps in the fall of 1967 because I just loved the Dress Blue uniform. I never once thought I would see anyone die.
This article is about Filling the Warranty form after purchasing a thing
On Armed Forces Day remember the sacrifice of time, family, and blood given by our servicemen!
In light of the recent atrocities in Egypt and elsewhere where buried servicemen’s graves have been vandalized, I wrote this.
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