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Have you tried dieting to reduce weight and failed? You are not the only one. There are a lot of people fail to access healthy weight. The cause of the failure may be in the program of the diet or in the application of the program. Simple mistakes can thwart efforts to reduce weight. ...
one hundred and Seven. Acrostic means Life is BETTER :-)
This is a tribute article concerning my top ten favorite secular or not necessarily Christian songs from the year 2011. Because of all the profanity and explicit suggestions in the popular music of today, I am always looking for songs that are clean, fresh and positive.
The Lord continues to reiterate the importance of keeping the law with special emphasis on Aaron and his sons, the priests of Israel.
A simple poem seven shooting stars, seven seas, seven continent's did I see.
We always imagine mathematics to be complex and almost a mythical subject, having little to do with real life, yet in fact it is able to explain many of the fundamentals of life. Through computers our lives are founded on mathematics, whether this is in calculations performed in a spr...
The Japanese are a very festive people, cos there is a holiday every month there! Shichi-Go-San festival is one of such, it is also called the three, five and seven…
Surround me with angels. It is what I ask. Fill me with the light of joy and send me to the place where the angels meet. To be an angel. It's what I ask.
Heaven is not your due, nor can you earn it; you must be born again, and then heaven is given to you!
A short, gothic story about a psychotic priest who murders based on the seven deadly sins
Little Gerry woke up early but he won't even watch TV! What's up Little Gerry, tell us the matter please!
This random little poem came out of experimenting with a different style of writing. I designed the poem as in the form of a math problem, but its relations and metaphors hold in the form of literature and philosophy. I'll leave it to the reader to figure out the rest. Comments are op...
'LOVE' was the force that led to the construction of one of the seven wonders of the world.....'The Taj Mahal'.
~ let’s recreate the world ~ the palace of conception is burning ~ Jim Morrison ~ morality as anti-nature ~ Nietzsche ~ If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile ~ Charles Manson ~ to the tintinnabulation that so musically wells ~ Poe ~ chains of authority~ peace be damned ~
~trees through the window~shaking medusa heads~the snake is long~seven miles~a rich woman’s son stole his songs Doris~the monster Zarathustra~put your head between your legs~kiss your ass goodbye~for the love of a woman~Nazi disguise~boots & lies~
The hanging garden of Babylon was made over 2500 years ago by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II. Nebuchadnezzar II ordered to construct the hanging garden in order for him to delight his young bride who came from mountainous Persia.
This poems is about the effect of Envy. It infects the heart and mind when given rein. Envy with a tad of color for dimension.
More snippets. More bits and pieces. An impulsive triplet-couplet, a simple yet cryptic societal comment, an emotion-explosion and a disgruntled hypothetical tale.
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