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Create your own clothing, these are some of the wonderful reasons why you should set your own fashion in the world.
Sewing was so simple years ago and I believe I would still be sewing if it was still simple now as it was back then.
A child disappears, and returns some years later, unchanged and speaking of the end of days.
I was a do-it-myself-er before it was cool, and I came by it honestly. I used to beg my mom for something "storebought" but thank goodness, now home-made is the new chic, because it was an often funny means of survival in our brood.
Augusto Equivel from Miami, US is expert in making stunning sculptures with suspended buttons, actually it is jaw dropping work.
Sewing is the process of fastening one piece of material to another by stitching with a needle and thread. Now, this seems like such a simple idea that you might imagine it was one of the first ever developed by man. And in fact it was.
It is hard to sew by hand when you can't get your needle threaded. Learn how to use the Clover needle threader to quickly and easily thread your needle every time!
This article gives you step by step instructions on how to thread a bobbin for a sewing machine.
Losing a button is not a disaster - here are some tips on how to repair - and how to cope until you can.
The bobbin winder, the bobbin winder is a short rod located just beside the balance wheel. This part is used to thread in the bobbin.
Home-based business ideas for those who wish to or need to stay home with their families.
In the winter months, keeping warm is paramount. Will fuel bills rapidly on the rise, using alternative methods to stay warm is a must. This article shows you how to make a draft excluder to keep the cold at bay.
Running out of cash but still have a Christmas shopping list that's shockingly long? have a look at these fast ideas for Christmas presents that won't cost the earth!
A 20 years old Singer sewing machine. A busy working mother. What do you get when the latter gave up the rat race? A chemistry rediscovered.
A 20 years old Singer sewing machine. A busy working mother. What do you get when the latter gave up the rat race? A chemistry rediscovered.
With so many RTW’s in department stores and markets, learning how to sew is becoming less popular and demanding. However, learning the basic skills is sewing is still important.
The most basic, and most useful, item in a seamstress' arsenal. Also makes a great gift, or, sans pins, put in a drawer to make your clothes smell fresh and lovely...
It just happened! You are getting dressed for this special occasion and pop! A button comes off! You don't want to change to another outfit, so there is only one way to remedy the situation, get needle and thread out and stich this button back on. Won't take long, just a few minutes.
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