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Sexuality and compatibility make for liVely happiness only..Ask any seasoned old and dying coulple
Meet someone, it seems as easy as ordering sushi. But meet THE right person, the man with whom we can build something solid, it can be as simple as crossing the Channel swim. With a little preparation, it shows you that it's not rocket science.
Canadian scientists who have studied peculiarities of relations between men and women, found after what goodbye best move from romance to practice. According to Canadians, just met, people need a little time to get used to one another, as well as for making a decision whether to conti...
Specialists Psychologist magazine revealed one single male quality that operates flawlessly on women as a whole and in terms of sex.
Beach in summer - this is one of the best places to have fun and carefree, emotional and positive time. Also - this place is a concentration of beautiful bodies. Desire can reach you at any moment, and because sex on vacation - it's so exciting, bold, daring and extreme. WANT gladly t...
There are four categories of men for whom marriage it familiar and simple. Such individuals are kept in a marriage on the strength of five years, then divorced and immediately start looking for a new female candidate for a hike to the registrar. What is the reason for such irresponsib...
MD, an Englishman Davis Wicks calculated that good sex helps people feel younger, on average, 7 years. Naturally, it is not a routine "ridiculous movements," and about the full intimate pleasure. Colleagues Dr. Weeks outlined a list of things that are expected of men first sexual enco...
Sex is not a matter related to the physical body, it is related to the mind and soul also. A divine sex is being regarded as a form of worship which will pump in a lot of positive energy into your body and mind.
Nowadays everyone lives 200 miles an hour, stress and "burnout" are also common ailments in our time as flu or cold. You will ask me what does this has to do with it our sex lives? The answer is a lot!
Virginity is no big deal...The modern generation is miles ahead of us and our ancient generations Hence these are my views
twink what!..nature has engineered human beings in a particular fashion don't destroy nativity.Let them find out their own sexuality.
So many reasons, so little time! Come see Charlie and Jane, an established couple who are trying to spice up their tired old married life!
As the world’s purse strings tighten mothers are seeking alternate means of supporting families and paying the mortgage.
Yes there is a fine line. And yes, some friends cross it. It can happen during a drunken night between house mates. Waking up the next morning. Sneaking off to manage the walk-of-shame only as far as their shared lounge room allows. Maybe two people who have been friends for years fin...
Come on now, do you actually think your new girlfriend has just been born wonderful and willing before you? Can you actually kid yourself into believing that this is the first time your man has used his tongue that way? Sorry, you simply can’t be the only ‘schmoopie pie’ he’s ...
Simply put, men usually take a shorter time to heat-up, grow erect, get ready for sex, (in fact they are almost always ready for sex or at least friction), than we women. It’s just a simple fact of life. So how do we heat him up without making him go over the boil?
This article was written after a moderator commented and expected more .Not many read it and it was before I became a STARR OF WIKI
Splashes of ink on paper that weave together to become a plethora of poems
My interaction with so many folks across the Internet ---- inspires me to share my views..... as publishing my book on the HUMAN MIND may be miles away...
Th epoets of the world are unique each one is an entity Read one and a million vibrations one absorbs This is one such one.
Yohimbe is an African evergreen tree. Ancient tribes consumed the yohimbe’s bark to enhance libido and improve sexual performance. Yohimbe was also smoked for its hallucinogenic abilities. In modern day it is mostly used to promote sexual desire in both men and women. Additionally, ...
We all publish biggies and forget all are as normal as the rest What size matters if you are rich ..
Sexually transmitted diseases are not going away. The treatment is fast and easy. It is important to always have regular check-ups to protect your body inside and out.
My opinion about negative views on certain sexual lifestyles.
It is an experimental article on sexual life of Indians.
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