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A relationship speaker speaks... I only intervene in order to be able to help teens....... young gals and guys.....But sad none listen till gals have insides burnt
A man was waiting for a date and in the same restaurant, a woman suffers the same plight. Suddenly, their expected dates stood them up. Finding themselves in the same situation at the same time in the same place prompted a sequence of events to occur. These events will unveil the cons...
In the dark seductiveness of night, there she appears... WHAAAAAAA!!!!! It's the evil Lilith that seduced Osborn into a life of never-ending unhappiness and troubles!!! Away, you creature of the night!
Somebody's attractiveness lies in their DNA. You will only find somebody attractive if their genes and yours are compatible and attract each other. Or so some TV show or magazine article or something told me once...
Beauty in real terms is not what you would like to see to gratify your lust in a marketplace, but what you would like to possess in your home. It is not an arena of prosperous people only but is most often found in common people in their simplicities.
Desire ...LUST... sex All women want it and kids but secretly know all this no amiss..
This page will be talking about the sexuality of men and their sex behaviour.
I'll wait for you tonight, to exploit the joy of seeing you, wrapped in love and burning desire, longing to mix your scent with my essence.
Orgasm not only enhances the intimate relationship between partners, but also stimulate communication between them.
Consensual gals read breathless..The same old ancient story still goes around till we all experience it then only shed tears why did we not listen to LOVERME!
Everybody likes roses.They are so attractive,precious and in demand to whatever occasion anywhere in the world.The feeling is different when someone sends you roses. A rose symbolize love and affection.
Cameron Quin had just broken a world record in yet another boat race, he was just about to celebrate with a sexy French mode,l when he gets a summons that he can’t refuse.
The sands go deep .Making love on a beach is the best thing in summer or spring
Another YouTubey for a Maestrony..I am finding good vibes from all gals and guys So more You Tubes ones I composY
Sexity..Through out these past seven years I have been exploring the Internet I have observed a sexual obsession amongst all men and women
Date dance and dine....We all go through the same mill of life ...Date, mate and procreate. So is our being Teens must read It is simple humour
Sexy lies the dawn...We all see dawn as the harbinger of sex any way let YouTube decide
Everything is not sex.Nor is sex everything But all roads lead to that forest of love
Sexy druggy... A guy claims that my poetry particularly all sexy YouTube ones are comedies He posted one I retorted...
This is what passion is all about. It's a story about lust, passion, and adventure. THIS IS POETRY!
Disease called rage.We only realize when we are part of it till then yah!
Sixth youtube last of hotties.....lest they all say gosh Loverme!
Cristiano Ronaldo. He was only wearing underwear. Cristiano Ronaldo for what appeared like it?
Condom always use So many in the heat of the moment just ignore then repent for a no cure
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