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This is a true story of my life and one of my first college pieces.
There was a little shadow, dancing between light and darkness. Such a comforting sight for the tired human heart!
Several myths about astronomy are explained by refining the search on celestial bodies which conclude with similar ideas which date back to pre-historic times but remained as unbelievable stories which are actually unexplainable facts.
This is a poem about love and time, the way we feel inside when we are on that down hill slide and all that we will do to climb up and out of the clouds of our tears.
I was born in England but I am of Caribbean decent. I love my holidays in the Caribbean but they tend to get spoilt by mosquitos. They love me. I hate them. In fact, they drive me to the point of paranoia.
This is a poem in response to psychiatrist Carl Jung's quote: "Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people." Recognizing, acknowledging, revealing to others our mistakes can be the most devastating and liberating experiences we may enc...
We are giving into the desires of outsiders, throwing away our heritage, bringing death to this country through attrition. Read more:
~the first bird, morning sparrow~runs from the sleep thing~there soft ‘cross her face~eyes wide in the moment~I found her on the dappled ground~it is a relaxing view, the parade~its relationship to madness~reading the bible, her lips moved~
These poems are about love, darkness, and shadows. The writer is claiming that all truth lives within love. Any truth that is not living alive within God's love is not really the real truth. This is the test. If we are content to live in the shadows, sure we might see a glass darkl...
A couple of poems; one of them dedicated to the shadows of a long night, and other about the tender day.
Why are people jealous of the achievement others made? When the other races do well, doesn't your race also benefit?
I think that hidden somewhere inside the shadows of each of us there is a ghost story waiting to be told, to be spilled across the unborn page, like blood on the floor.
Marv was a scout master who owned apartments around town. When one came open he’d gather his scouts to help clean. In return he would take us swimming, or throw a slumber party. In our neighbor he was well respected. You see things like these were hidden in the shadows in 1961. In 1...
A page from the diary of a young teenager who is facing the dilemma of peer pressure. So many children around us face this problem and fall victim to this menace, it is the responsibility of the adults to keep an eye out for signs of this.
This is another of my acrostic poems written during the 2012 Summer in Canledela.
Quite an amount of images have been crossing my mind lately. Whereas I've been trying to put together words to let alone make a poem in the midst of a writer's block. In which I may start something, but the images go dead midway through. I personally liked writing this one. Even thoug...
A childhood is faith remembered and renewed in old age.
For those of us who believe Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous groundhog of all, to be an accurate prognosticator of the weather, get prepared for six more weeks of winter. Phil made his appearance at gobbler’s Knob this morning and saw his shadow. Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the ...
A Haiku. Shadows Follow Me is a poem describing shadows following someone. A Haiku of shadows following me.
This a part of a story from a collection of stories I have written. Its a story about a mother and son being haunted by the shadows of dead children.
A poem I made up from hearing a series of sounds that made me feel a certain way. In this, would be what inspired this poem. Comments are open.
There are many addictive and debilitating sins that hold people captive in their deadly grip...but that doesn't have to be the end of the story...
So lost without you I am However I knew all your plans When the door slammed in my face
So lost without you I am However I knew all your plans When the door slammed in my face There were tears all over the place
our entire life is just an illusion. every joy or sorrow we have ever had is just a lie and when we die we realize that. So this poem asks the darkness to just hide those illusions and never let me see them in the first place, when the beautiful lies are taken away it won't be painful...
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