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This new product by Nestle company is just flavoured shakes with an excess of sugar and we should be cautious with our sugar intake.
Did you know that tears actually are a "poison" that coming out from our body? When we cry, we will grow and release adrenocorticotropic hormone and our body will more easily feel shaken and vulnerable. Find out more about what will happen to our body when we cry through this entire a...
It can be a bit of a challenge at times to get kids to eat a healthy diet. So why not try a fun, simple milk shake to help them get that very important five a day. This is an easy recipe and with a little guidance is suitable for all age groups, so let the kids get involved and learn ...
There are always systems that threatened, some for which we can prepare, so just come on without warning.
It is by love we live happy and wonderful life. Loving is living with the joy that is to be experienced in this marvelous creation. Every heart readily responds positively to a kind word. Winning the hearts is very easy if you have an inclination to care for the feelings of others. He...
Here I tried to reconciliate my failing soul from the glimpse of Light, a heavenly wisdom showered upon my tired intellect. Am I clear in this expression?
just a short whimsical rhyming moving silly little song i sing on fridays.... and sometimes during the week -- when i get happy----
This was a Frenchman, an Italian and a Spanish who are in hell and the devil tells the French "tell me I can not do."
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