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An analysis of a character in literature constitutes an extension of a person’s verbal representation especially the inert behavior that controls speech, manner, and thought. Through the direct speech, actions, dialogue, and commentary, literature encapsulates some of the natural in...
This world is really a stage so spake Shakespeare He was and still is the best and still lives in Heaven they say
Since I wanted my first piece of writing of 2016 to be wonderful, lovely, beautiful and to earn me many laurels I took some time to find a suitable subject.
Obituary for stage and screen actress Catherine Coulson.
Continuing my use of bin lorry "Bin Ladin" Harry Clarke's blackouts as an interpretive tool, this is a more elaborate study of Esther Phillips, the object of my on-going cathartic effort to come to terms with the 'loss' of a woman I consider a personal hero.
A commentary on seeing Shakespeare in the Park (with photos).
This is just a short review of three famous historical couples in literature and or in history.
William Shakespeare, regularly called the English national artist, is broadly viewed as the best producer ever.
Those little ditties, we sometimes call tongue-twisters, that perhaps you remember as amusing you when you were younger, but they are an interesting tool used to provide curiosity, rhyme and intrigue when used in speech or writing, this linguistic tool has been widely used In poetry, ...
Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. Here are some suggestions and sage advice.
Oh this is going to make some peoples' hair stand on end...but I am known for that! a venturing through lifetimes not always mine but sensuality belongs to many women besides myself...enjoy
A short quip on the phenomenon of "playing roles" throughout life and the necessity of illusion for life in general.
A political satire suggesting that the Democratic Party is living in Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer's Night's Dream.
Such fun to write poetry.... a different format always to use if I wish it to be...yet the words pour through before I even think and land upon the page..when I read it back am well pleased...and always the loving...the enduring soul....enjoy..
So my friends...time for me to take a different way to go and I will. This about Shakespeare and his awesome writings and how I can emulate. However if this is not up to scratch it will be down the line..for I yet have to put his wisdoms into verse..
Today is the 450th birthday of Shakespeare the most prolific and fabulous writer of all time least for me. He wrote of many things to illustrate all facets of mankind meant for all as a way of learning about themselves...just as I do...
The Bard..Stratford-Upon –Avon …450 ...Born450 Years ago...we all know and so celebrate a living ICON .No star please In front of him we stand as dwarfs ALL...
Shakespeare had great wisdom and we are fortunate that his works still are with us. This was a fun piece to write and it is fun to have least I think it is and many of my friends here especially Phyl with her wild sense of humour will have a good laugh at the stuff herein......
George Bernard Shah is recognized as the greatest dramatist after Shakespeare. GB Shah was a writer who revolutnized English prose. He was in a way a dreamer who believed that the world is beautiful and it is the folly of man that it is not a paradise.
This is about the Bard and I back when I was studying the usage and juxtaposition of words...glorious is a rememberance piece ...another lifetime...much fun indeed...enjoy...
This you will find most convoluted but then madness stalks our land so why not join that merrie group. From Elizabeth 1 to those of you who aspire to be at the top of the ladder of fame...good luck...needed it will be....
Annually at Christmas my Church has a Concert Evening where music, poetry, sketches etc are performed, this is a Poem that I wrote for them.
"The Merchant of Venice" is one of the best plays of Shakespeare. Even after 400 years the themes presented in the play of love and hate still encircle all humans.
Captain Jeremiah Higgins talks cryptically and at length on matters of the zodiac which an astrologer like our moderator, Steve Kinsman, is well placed to decipher and/or demystify. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A strange week from my diary - mulberry tree in fruit, two burglaries, blood and barbed wire and a set of lost keys
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